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What to Do if Your Animal Friend is Lost . . .

Elizabeth was dramatically separated from her Mother ("lost") once as a very young child. She seems to have a special energy of connection with and compassion for "lost" animals and their humans.

Elizabeth says, "Our animal companions, like very young human children, rarely feel they are lost, they just know they're not home and not with their humans. Most frequently, they feel it's their humans who are lost! Sometimes, they are not even thinking yet about being reunited: they may be on a mission or having an adventure and the thought of being "lost" or of returning has not yet achieved resonance with them. Other times, they want to be re-united with their humans as strongly as you want to be re-united with them. Sometimes, your animal companion may no longer be in form, meaning, it may have died."

If your animal companion is still alive, in most cases, Elizabeth says, you can be re-united. It's best to act quickly, although with a strong enough intention and enough prayer, regardless of time and distance, the animals will re-unite with their humans.

Elizabeth has found it requires prayer and intention and being in action on the part of the human(s) .. . perhaps YOU . . . who want to experience this re-union. It helps tremendously if you have other animal or creature companions to help you.

There are two basic ways. The first way does not involve direct contact with Elizabeth. Angel-guides watch over Elizabeth's web-site and her telephone. In many cases, caring individuals moved deeply by their animal's absence from home, have found that the following works quickly and beautifully:

First, write out and describe your animal: its name, age, color, and species; express in your own words your heart-felt desire to be reunited with your animal; write down the geographical location of your home and/or the exact place, for example, the exact door, to which you want your animal to return; and the last known sighting or location of your animal.

Second, call Elizabeth's telephone number (856-582-1700), and while looking at and feeling the information you have just written, connect with Elizabeth's Voice, say a prayer from your tradition or if you're not sure of what to say, pray: "Divine Spirit, Guide my beloved animal friend safely home now. And it is so." Allow yourself to feel the Sacred energy in that prayer. Then do the following yourself, as soon as possible, and whenever you may feel doubt:

Breathe in and out deeply.
Bring into and hold in your mind, the Name of the animal or creature you feel is lost.
Feel your love for this animal or creature.
Bring into your consciousness, the geographical location, the address, and preferably the exact portal, the exact door, yard, porch, or window sill, you would like your animal or creature friend to return to.
Bring now into and hold in your consciousness, the Name you use for what is Most Sacred in your life ... often, this is a Name of God.
Breathe in deeply, breathe out deeply, as together with our intention, we slowly and very powerfully say the prayer:

"Divine Spirit, Guide this animal friend safely home now. And it is so."

Third, make sure to be in action with neighbors, with local organizations, etc. Create and post flyers wherever legal and/or approved, especially food markets, telephone utility poles, and gas service stations. Let all animal recovery operations in the appropriate geographical areas know. Ask other companion animals in your house-hold to help you set up a honing energy to guide your animal home. Act as if your animal is definitely re-uniting with you, and pay attention to the details in your mind and actions . . . for example, if your lost dog's license comes up during the time your animal is not home, renew it.

Lastly, cultivate and honor the Gift of Patience. As best as you can, stay in the suspension of energies, balanced between keeping the urgency of wanting your animal home safely NOW, being in action, and allowing the Universe to unfold, to have your animal re-unite safely with you.

This combination sets up a powerful energetic intention of reconnection and, from Elizabeth's voice-mail messages, seems to handle about 85% of the cases, where the animal's re-unite (often involving miracles of animals safely crossing high-speed barriered road-ways, traveling hundreds of miles, and/or miracle changes-of-attitude of local police, other local officials, and/or kidnappers) within a relatively short period of time.

When you are re-united with your animal in this manner, Elizabeth asks that you be grateful and honor the Sacred by sending, to the animal charity of your choice, a donation of monies or goods: please do not skip this step. It is also lovely and much appreciated if you choose to share your story with Elizabeth.

A beautiful testimonial including exactly HOW a loving care-human tuned into the energy of Elizabeth's Voice and the Angels surrounding Elizabeth's telephone and web-site and the responsibility to be in spiritual action that she and her husband willingly and lovingly assumed, follows:

"Hello, Dr. Liz-
I am very grateful to the Universe and to you tonight because my missing cat, Woody, has returned safely to us. My husband and I had exhausted our search and were worried sick and beginning to think the worst had happened to our friend. I remembered your web-site and found the suggestions for what to do if a pet is missing. I began with making a phone call to your answering machine and tuning into the energy in your voice. I then proceeded with the remaining suggestions. I found that when I was finished I no longer had that feeling of fear and dread in the pit of my stomach. I felt very peaceful and hopeful. My husband, who is somewhat of a doubter, then agreed to do the same. Both of us carried our written prayers with us. Throughout the day at work when I felt that nagging fear cropping up again, I spoke your prayer and was able to calm myself. You were very prompt in returning my call and leaving me a message. Again, I tuned into the energy of your voice. Amazingly, and less than an hour after I listened to your message, my husband and I were discussing our need to stay positive and sharing the portal we imagined Woody would take when she returned, and as we looked out our backyard.....there she was, walking up the path. She was quite thirsty and hungry, but she is now just fine. I cannot express accurately how blessed we feel. I know it was your advice and energy that led our girl home. You are a blessing and an annointed soul. Thank you for being here to lift and guide us all. God Bless You! Anne"

Will Elizabeth directly help to recover lost animals?

NOTE: Elizabeth no longer has the time to perform the following service. If/when the situation changes, it will be noted here.

The second way involves Elizabeth directly. In her experience, she always knows immediately if an animal is still in form; if it is injured; and if it can be reunited with (come home to) its humans. Often but not always, "lost" animals can tell Elizabeth where or approximately where they are. They can almost always describe their immediate surroundings in such a way that Elizabeth can correctly, or at least correctly enough, interpret it. They can also almost always describe exactly how they are feeling and what's so with their physical bodies. Since 1997, all "lost" animals except for two, that Elizabeth has sensed, who have said they could be re-united, have been reunited with their humans. (Those two are interesting cases: in the one case, the animal said it could but it wouldn't, because its human only wanted it back to give it away, which the human later angrily confirmed; and in the second, the animal felt the urgency of return and the impact of the desires of its human were lessened considerably by its often-absentee human getting another animal to replace it. This particular animal still hasn't decided about when or if it's going to go home and has arranged an inside-only house for itself).

Elizabeth sets up powerful "honing" energies and says powerful prayers to help guide animals home. It is especially helpful if you have other animals in the house and have one or more of your animals present when you call. The other animals in your home will be awesome at responding to Elizabeth's requests and setting and holding resonance-reunion energies for your animal. Elizabeth charges for these services at the same rate as other services.

Stories/Happy Endings

"After we called you, everything turned around. And it turned around FAST. There were no sightings before, and then we called you, and you were so kind, and after we called you, it all turned around. At such speed! The first sightings were of him running away from us, towards the north! When we called you about that, and you prayed and set an energy for him to turn around, he did! He turned around! He was coming home when we found him! Back across a dangerous road! Safely! I can hardly believe it! Thank you so much!"
--Jane G., Princeton Junction, NJ

"Elizabeth, this is Lynn G. Thank you so much! Within two minutes of our conversation, she appeared at the door that you energized! Thank you so much! I can't really express my gratitude! Thank you!"
--Lynn G., Cherry Hill, NJ

"Hi, this is Joanne calling, from Washington, D.C. I don't know whether you can hear him or not, but our kitten is sitting on my chest purring right now. He was where you said he was, and we got him. He did come up and get the food we put there, like you said he would. Gabriel did a great job, and the other cats have just been so wonderful, I can't begin to describe how they've been. We are very grateful."
--Joanne M., Washington, D.C.

The following animal friend was kidnapped and taken to another community, where local officials were originally very disinterested in helping ... however, virtually everything turned around with continued intent prayer power:

"Apache is home and I am crying with joy! I am ecstatic that our boy has returned to us! As you said, constant focus, an attitude of trust in the Divine Source of all Being . . . Guidance . .. prayer power, and positive thought . .. accompanied by the generous loving support of so many ... to whom I shall ever be thankful . .. has brought our dear one home to us. Elizabeth ... last week, we renewed the licenses for both Apache and our elderly gentleman Benji. . . in total trust that if it were in the Pattern of the Master Weaver . .. we would have Apache returned to us. . . Your own support and guidance . .. instructing me as to what I needed to do ... talking with Benji ... and asking his assistance ... and following the expanded awareness of the Light, accompanied by the endless, ongoing prayers (I may be repeating myself, Elizabeth, I'm just so excited) of all connected assuredly contributed to this miracle!! Thank you, Dear One, for all of your guidance, support, and loving, healing prayers!"
-Joyce, Canada

"I am pleased to let you know that I have found Mousse!!! Thank you very much for your support!!!!!"

"My wife Charlene has finally stopped crying! We found our cat exactly where you said she was . . . 'in the dark inside the dark, outside, near the foundation of our house' . . . she is an indoor-only cat and we didn't believe you at first when you said the other cats told you she had gotten outside . . .but we looked anyway . . . we have an old Victorian . . . she was outside, inside a hole in the wood under the back unused stairways, which are covered by bushes . . 'the dark inside the dark, outside, near the foundation of the house' . . . I can barely believe it . . . I am so grateful . . . thank you so much!"
-Mark T., Mechantville, NJ.

Elizabeth sensed the following situation and told the distraught humans that although the animal involved was indeed caught by its chain, it was fine and would be recovered and returned:

"Elizabeth, my son-in-law called today. He asked me to call you and apologize for his speaking so rudely to you when you said that their dog would be reunited with them. He knows he told you angrily that you couldn't possibly be right, that his German Shepherd had been missing for two weeks, that the dog had broken away from his chain and that much of the chain was still attached to his collar, which had a license so if anyone had seen him and the chain had gotten caught around something, like you said, he would have been found immediately or since it hadn't happened, obviously the dog had died due to lack of food and water. Well, a farmer found the dog in his back acreage today. The dog's chain had caught around a rock in this farmer's stream. The dog was under a tree canopy and had ample length on the chain to get water and catch fish. He's thin but fine."
-Theresa B., Cherry Hill, NJ

"When my ex-husband flew in with his pilot and plane, kidnapped our dog, which was mine according to our agreement, and flew out to {another state}, I couldn't believe it. I was so furious I could barely see straight. Because of the rare condition of my dog and its unique medical needs, and the fact that state law of {state} refuses to let animals with this condition cross boundaries, they at first refused to release him, and officials wouldn't pay attention to me. But right after we contacted you, miracles started to happen, and we have him back now. Thank you so very, very much!"
-M.T., U.S.A.

Elizabeth Severino, B.A., M.B.A., D.D., D.R.S., Reiki Master, is an animal communicator, teacher, and ordained spiritual healer. As of this writing, she has communicated with tens of thousands of animals in 23 countries. In addition to being the author of 5 books and 9 audio tapes, she is also an entertaining and informative speaker, empowering workshop leader and a radio & TV personality. Her passionate hobby is dancing through life with the God-Spirit.

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