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Animal Communication

"Dr. Liz speaking with Madison"

What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication, as Dr. Liz does it, involves the split-second, loving, energetic gifting of questions to an animal; the energetic receiving of return information; and the compassionate translation of the animal's response into spoken words for concerned & loving humans. It's also called "telepathic" communication because words need not be spoken and distances don't matter. Its intent is always to understand and translate an animal's viewpoint and experience to the highest degree possible.

  • All species, all issues handled with love and compassion;
  • Honoring the One-ness and Kinship of All Life;
  • Enhancing human/creature relationships;
  • Assistance with health, healing, and behavior issues;
  • Access to thousands of proven holistic health protocols used by holistic veterinarians world-wide;
  • Clarification and understanding of emotional, behavioral, mental and spiritual issues;
  • Death, dying, and euthanasia assistance;
  • Grief support;
  • Veterinarian/Trainer collaboration;
  • Telephone, e-mail, in-person or on-site consultations;
  • Sensing of animals no longer in form;
  • Assistance with reincarnation;
  • Distance Healing (Medical Qigong, Quantum Biofeedback).

"Elizabeth came to our veterinary hospital and prayed for one of our cats. We needed the cat's hemoglobin level to go up. It did. We have the test results, before and after, to prove it."
-- Dr. Bernie Spector

"On March 27th, I was able to confirm that Tabatha Cornell was suffering from chemical allergies. I was told this information by Tabatha's owner, Karen Cornell, as reported to her by Elizabeth Severino. I took a hair sample from Tabatha, to verify this information, and prescribed two remedies to counter the allergic reaction."
-- Dr. Deva Khalsa

"Tabatha Cornell had been "drooling" for days, and had received several treatments of subcutaneous fluids, prior to her visit with Dr. Khalsa. I notified Liz, that I was taking Tabatha to see Dr. Khalsa for an emergency visit. While I was on route to Dr. Khalsa's, Liz called me on my car phone, and before I could finish saying hello, told me Tabatha said that the chemicals in my neighbors' lawns were making her sick. I told Dr. Khalsa what Tabatha told Liz and Dr. Khalsa took a hair sample from Tabatha and sent her home with two remedies to help her detox. Within a few days, Tabatha's dropping stopped."
-- Karen Cornell

"She was wonderful. Absolutely understanding."
--Dr. Vincent Sollimo

"Liz positively blissed my dog out. I couldn't believe the change. I am so grateful."
--Joanne Tanker, House-Wife

"I brought my bird to Liz, and she seemed to really understand him."
--Debbie Green, Animal Orphanage Volunteer

"My horse, who's 20 years old, threw me. I had a concussion, a broken back, and a scalp laceration and was in the hospital for six weeks. People told me to put him down. I love my horse. I was desperate. I called Liz. She came to my stable, talked to him, massaged him to balance his energy. In a few minutes, he trusted her. He stood very still, I've never seen him stand so still, as Liz worked with him. He hasn't thrown me anymore. He needed me to stop being afraid of being thrown and to stop visualizing being thrown. Liz taught me how."
--Nancy Kennedy, Equestrienne

"Elizabeth's touch seems to yield nirvana-like results."
-- The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Liz is a modern-day Dr. Doolittle."
--The Courier Post

"Dear Elizabeth: People who have had consultations with you from my referrals are very pleased with the quality of your work. I have great confidence in your integrity and competence. Love on the journey, Penelope."
--Penelope Smith, World-Renowned Animal Communicator

For more stories and comments, click here: Testimonials

Why do it?

Most people want to get answers to specific questions or to clearly convey information to their animal(s). Popular questions include: "Is my animal happy? Does it like its food? What kind of life did it have before me? Was it abused?" Dr. Liz helps animals, especially rescue animals, completely clear past traumas. Frequently, they just need to be listened to, and they visibly change instantly. Popular information people want to convey is, "Please tell my animal that I love it and will do whatever it needs" or "Please tell them we'll be away on vacation and that we're coming back."

Other questions often involve behavior, such as, "Why is my cat peeing outside its litter box?" or "Why is my dog destroying my house?" In multi-animal households, questions often include, "Can these animals ever get along?"

Typical health questions are: "What does my animal say may be causing its rash (or tumors, or other health problem)?" "What does my animal say happened to it? How does it say it got hurt?" "What does my animal want my vet to know?" "What holistic protocols from your immense base of proven protocols, could apply with the diagnosis we now have?" Many vets now collaborate with Dr. Liz.

Questions for aged or suffering animals include: "Can my animal heal? If so, does my animal know what s/he needs to help heal now? Is my animal ready to cross over? If so, how will I know when? What signs will s/he give me?
What holistic protocols can I use now to help my animal be more comfortable at this time?"
"What does my animal feel about euthanasia?"

You may ask any question you want. If an animal has an issue with the energy of a question, it will suggest a re-wording, which Dr. Liz will then repeat to you for your understanding.

Liz and DolphinHow do the animals feel about it?

They love it and are deeply grateful for being listened to. People often report their animals' behaviors noticeably and permanently change after one session, including being much more relaxed after Dr. Liz has Voiced them.

The first hundred or so animals all asked Elizabeth, "What are you doing in human form?" One day they all started to "know." She asked why, and was told that because of her healing work with dolphins, the "word was out" on the animal etheric-net, a kind of telepathic animal Internet, world-wide in scope.

What does Dr. Liz talk to?

Dr. Liz has the Gift of language, including animal communcation, the Language of Nature, and the spiritual understanding of the Oneness of all Life. She is blessed in that her Uncle Robert Patton, a beautiful influence in her youth, was a famous animal communicator and hands-on healer long before those words were even in the common vocabulary. She is also blessed in that the teachings of Francis of Assisi have been a life-long Guide for her. She speaks 16 natural languages with varying degrees of fluency. To date, not counting her years as a counselor and spiritual guide for humans, she has facilitated over 66,000 sessions in 44 countries. Sessions have included dogs, cats, horses, llamas, alpacas, iguanas, birds, chinchillas, rabbits, spiders, ants, hamsters, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, crickets, snakes including mamba's, pythons, and boa constrictors, mice, rats, turtles, crabs, lions, tigers, hyenas, warthogs, wolves, skunks, and many more. She has helped with domestic animals, rescued domestic animals, utility animals, rescued utility animals, farm animals, rescued farm animals, wild animals, rescued wild animals, working animals and service animals and formerly wild animals now living in captivity. She also communicates with plants and babies. She once volunteered as a medical intuitive in the respiratory unit of a local children's hospital, where she has been credited with saving babies' lives. She spent many years volunteering for an Internet-based animal healing network (DHN for pets) which included hundreds of healers world-wide. The founder of DHN's predecessor healing network (Heal-a-Pet) called her "the best I've ever seen" distance animal healer and animal intuitive.

How do I prepare?

The best way to prepare for a session is to consider and write down your primary questions, issues, and concerns for your animal friend(s). Then email Elizabeth.

What am I likely to hear?

You will hear the energetic translations of your animals' communications. The translations and the energy, attitude and mood, vary from animal to animal since animals' personalities vary. What is translated and how it is translated will always reflect your animals' Personality and Voice for you. You will hear your animals' answers to your questions and your animals' comments about situations and behaviors. If your call is a behavior call, you will hear your animal's' viewpoint on why it is evidencing its behaviors, whether it feels it is willing to or able to change the behaviors, and what support it needs from you, if any, to effect a change. If your call is a wellness call, you will hear your animal's viewpoint on the experiences in its physical body, including what remedies or interventions it feels has helped, hurt, or done nothing, and what it feels (if it knows) can help it move towards healing now. You may also learn Dr. Liz's sensings of your animal's condition and suggestions on nutrition, homeopathic remedies, flower essence remedies, therapeutic grade essential oil remedies, healing touches, veterinary chiropractic, acupuncture, nutritional suggestions, tests to ask your veterinarian to administer to learn certain bio-markers, and much more. Dr. Liz has accumulated an extraordinary data base of proven holistic protocols from her many years of working with holistic veterinarians in the United States, Canada, Britain, Mesico, Israel, Australia, and New Zealand. She also has collected an equal number of case studies from holistically passionate lay-persons. Since Dr. Liz is also an Ordained Spiritual Healer, a great deal of healing energy is transferred to your animal by virtue of Dr. Liz giving attention to it. Animals are almost always noticeably relaxed and peaceful after a call with Dr. Liz and you will see this.

Where does it happen?

Anywhere, most commonly on the telephone because of demand's on Dr. Liz's time; over the Internet (including Skype); or in-person at charity events supporting animal welfare. Dr. Liz is also now doing in-person monthly events in Magnolia, NJ, USA, at her friend Bill's Animal Wellness Super-store, Bill's Wonderland of Pets. For people living within traveling distance of Dr. Liz, consultaitons are available in-person on a limited basis in her Animals' Healing Room built next to her home. Dr. LIz can work with any energy of connection: the concerned human's love and open-ness are required. Thoughts, pictures, items such as collars, bridles or toys, the presence of another companion animal, etc. can be useful in opening and strengthening the connection.

Can Dr. Liz speak to transitioned animals, meaning, animals who have died?

Yes. She uses the same approach to connect with transitioned animals, animals who have died or crossed over or what Dr. Liz terms 'have dropped their bodies.' How your animal transitioned matters, relative to when it will be clear enough to contact its essence energy. Please read: What Do the Animals Think about Euthanasia? or buy the book that resulted from this amazing article written by the animals. Your preparation for a connection session with an essence energy out of a body is a little different. Dr. Liz requests that you plan on spending 10 or 15 minutes before your scheduled session to be in quiet prayer, contemplation, or meditation to bring quiet silence to your Mind and enhance the connection.

Is there anything animals won't say?

Sometimes animals run behavior "scams" and they aren't always immediately willing to give them up. Sometimes also, they are reluctant to say things they feel will greatly upset their humans. Dr. Liz teaches that two Universal Laws apply here: one, animals almost always are required to tell the Truth, which means they always eventually admit the scam or speak the Truth; two, companion animals are wired for wholeness, including cooperation, and always work with their humans to resolve the situation, usually offering great ideas! There are times, albeit rare, that the animals simply don't know an answer to a question about themselves or their situation.

Can Dr. Liz help find lost animals?

Dr. Liz no longer has the time to do individual lost animal sessions. She does have a beautiful prayer to assist in recalling lost animals. If you would like an mp3 version of this prayer, Email us and let us know There is a nominal fee simply to cover our administrative costs.

Can anyone do animal communication?

Dr. Liz believes everyone is born with the ability, that we are all born speaking the Language of Nature. She feels the ability gets socialized out of people to varying degrees depending on one's country and culture of origin. She also believes that as all great prodigies need teachers & facilitators, so, too, with all of us born with intuitive abilities ... we need Guidance and Great Teachers. Dr. Liz helps people advance their intuitive abilities, remove the blockages to remembering, and flows the proper energy and procedures to talk to an animal and validly hear the responses. Her extensive background as a teacher and speaker and extensive experiencel as an energy healer help her raise students'' spiritual levels and openness perceptibly and demonstrably. Students learn proven methods to keep themselves open. Dr. Liz presents all the skills to receive information and to validate what is received. Students' success depends on sustained openness and willingness to practice. Email us for more information on her Web-delivered Animal Communication Mentoring Program.

Liz and CatWhat does it Cost?

Most first-time sessions take between 35-45 minutes, so this is the session length you'll want to buy if this is your first time working with Dr. Liz. Subsequent sessions when needed, either for the same or other animals, are highly variable in length. Variables for subsequent sessions include the number of animals involved and the nature of the situations, issues, and concerns. The range is 20 minutes to an hour or more.

Appointments are scheduled in advance. Emergencies are given priority when Dr. Liz's schedule permits. It's best to be clear, ahead of time, on the questions you'd like answered. You will be coached if you've never worked before with Dr. Liz.

To schedule an appointment or to get an idea, given your issues, questions, and concerns for your animal, of how much time might be needed, e-mail her. If you know how much time you feel you'll need, you may pay for your appointment now. Please note that first-time sessions usually take 35-45 minutes. Please also note that 15-20-minute sessions are available to existing customers only.

If you already know what you want to order, go here.

Elizabeth Severino, D.D., D.R.S.

Spiritual Mentor      Intuitive Counselor
     Energy Therapist      Animal Communicator

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