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Animal Talking: How, When, and Why to Use an Animal Communicator

by Elizabeth F. Severino, D.D., D.R.S., Reiki Master

(Originally written by invitation for Irish Wolfhound Magazine).

Hello. My name is Elizabeth Severino and I've been an animal communicator all my life. By now, I've helped animals quite literally all over the world and even beyond this world and have also worked with colleagues from all over. The purpose of this article is to help you, the reader, understand a little about what animal communication is, who animal communicators are and what they do, how an animal communicator can help, how to use an animal communicator, and how to find an animal communicator that's right for you.

What is Animal Communication?

The phrase "animal communication" usually infers an exchange of information, a split-second energetic exchange of information, which is occurring between a particular human person and a particular animal. The broader scope of animal communication actually includes communications from whole species, for example whales and dolphins, and the earth, to people and others. For the purposes of this article, however, we will narrow the definition to its already mentioned popular meaning of an exchange between a particular person and a particular animal or animals.

When a human animal communicator is helping with a care-person and her/his animal friend, it is customary for the animal communicator to transmit questions to and answers from the animal friend and the care-person. It is also customary that the communication results in the diligent translation of the animal's messages into a spoken human language by the animal communicator.

Animal communication is often called telepathic communication because words need not be spoken aloud and geographical distances are interesting yet irrelevant. The communicator can be anywhere and so can the animal. The energetic language sensed by communicators is resonated by all creatures everywhere . . . in fact, by everything in our planet and perhaps even our entire cosmic consciousness. It is ubiquitous and transcends form, language, culture and country while it also exists in all forms, languages, cultures, and countries. I suspect that the ease with which I learn languages is a part of this gift. In addition to being a telepathic communicator, I speak fourteen human languages with varying degrees of proficiency and have now done animal communication sessions in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

What do animal communicators do?

Animal communicators are individuals who do animal communication. Some, including myself, were born with the ability, demonstrated it at a very early age and have continued to enhance it throughout their lives. Others become awakened to their abilities as they grow spiritually and age chronologically.

Animal communicators offer a wide range of services. Some specialize in specific areas, such as particular breeds or species of animal, or specific categories of question, for example, behavior issues.

Animal communicators can help with:

• Understanding an animal's needs, feelings and innermost thoughts;
• Resolving behavior issues;
• Preparing both a care-person and her/his animal friend for changes and transitions, including moving to a new residence or the addition of another animal to the family;
• Collaborating with veterinarians, including sensing the animal's physical condition and sharing the animal's viewpoint of its condition or its feelings about interventions or therapies, similar to a patient interview;
• Locating lost animals;
• Communicating with an animal's essence energy after it has left form; and
• Teaching animal communication.

Animal communicators who are also spiritual healers or energy therapists can help with all of the above, as well as the following:

• Deepening a human's awareness of the powerful spiritual connection to his/her animal, including understanding a particular animal's purpose in the human's life;
• Clearing an animal from the effects of trauma;
• Understanding an animal's past lives and their impact on its current life experience;
• Extending the healing peace and calm of therapeutic energy into an animal's body or situation;
• Assisting in issues of dying and death; and
• Entraining the care-person to higher levels of vibration and increasing spiritual peace.

I feel extremely fortunate to have received the blessing of Ordination as a Spiritual Healer through Dr. Ron Roth, world-renowned spiritual healer, best-selling author and colleague of Dr. Carolyn Myss. I feel working with Ron and his assistant Paul Funfsinn has added immensely to my journey. Ron and Paul were my advisors and spiritual mentors while I earned my Doctorate in Religious Studies (D.R.S.) with a concentration in healing through prayer and touch. I feel blessed that my original Reiki attunements about a decade ago came through Elsie Kerns, and that the gentleman who appeared to guide me in selected metaphysical directions at that time was (and continues to be) Scott Teeters.

Animal communication sessions, also called consultations, readings, and interviews, occur in as many ways as there are communicators. Some communicators want to be in close physical proximity to the animal(s). Many work at a distance by telephone, mail, Internet or "etheric-net." Some telephone and Internet sessions occur with the care-person actively engaged with both the animal and the communicator. Some communicators collect the animal's history and data ahead of time, go into a subsequent session to accomplish their communications, and then share with the care-person, the results of the session. Telephone sessions are often recorded. Internet sessions are often printed out. Some communicators, when collaborating with veterinarians, fax the results to the veterinarian's office or are available by telephone or in-person when the animal is with the veterinarian. I've done all of these.

The animals generally love animal communication sessions and are deeply grateful and visibly relaxed after most sessions are complete. This result happens regardless of the manner in which the session was conducted. As I've been learning and growing in my practice . . . being an animal communicator is a lifelong journey . . . I've used all of the already mentioned ways of communicating at one time or another. I have found all of the ways work. Most often as of this writing, I do telephone. I also do Internet or in-person consultations singly and in groups.

Session prices range as widely as the ways in which communicators work. Student communicators or newly professional communicators often work for free. The range for an average session for experienced professional communicators is incredibly wide. Colleagues have told me of sessions they have had and that these sessions have ranged from $25.00 to $300.00. I am told there is one communicator who charges $300.00 an hour! I charge $3.00 a minute for actual session time, exclusive of the initial interview. I know this is a little strange and to some uncomfortably reminiscent of the so-called ‘psychic hot-lines', however, I have found that it works. My work is so unique I do not seem to have an "average" anything, much less an average session time, so an "average" price scale simply has never worked for me. What it is, it is, and this works perfectly for me.

When would I use an animal communicator?

Most people who might use an animal communicator are already open and aware. They care for and often have keen insights into their animal friends. It therefore becomes an interesting question to discuss when is a good time, to use an animal communicator?

Certainly, people use animal communicators for fun and general information. I volunteer for a lot of charity events and do a number of group parties and the animals are often in a very good mood for these events and are usually totally hilarious. Animal communicators are more commonly used when our animals need help or we need help with our animals.

Some animals can be intense and some can be quite stoic, preferring to suffer in silence. Unless compassionately and skillfully prompted by a professional communicator, some animals will say little to nothing about the experience of their physical bodies.

When our animals are in trouble, regardless of how open, knowledgeable or intuitive we may be, many of us get emotional. This degree of passion and concern may sometimes cloud our deep sensings and knowings.

Those of us who don't get too emotional may get overly rational. We confuse ourselves with readings and numbers and options and dosages and choices and . . . for possible interventions, nutrients and therapies. The overly rational approach also clouds our deep sensings and knowings.

Some of us vacillate between too emotional and overly rational. Our perception of our animal's progress through its issues becomes our bell-weather. This roller-coaster is quite possibly the most painful for all concerned and it is very prevalent in the care-person community.

The best position to be in relative to communicating with our animal companions is high spiritual impersonalization and deep compassion. This is an energetic many of us either cannot attain or cannot sustain, especially relative to our own animals. If you have questions of consequence and cannot yourself attain or sustain this state, using the services of an experienced, professional animal communicator may be indicated.

Gandhi has observed that the moral progress of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. The "nation" of care-persons who are moved to contact an animal communicator, in my experience, is morally extremely advanced. We love and deeply respect our animals.

How do I use an animal communicator? I've never done it before.

Begin by becoming clear on your reasons for asking for help. If it's just for fun, let it be for fun! It you have questions about your situation and your animal, write them down. If you're working with a veterinarian or a trainer, consult with them, too, to determine their precise and specific questions. Again, write the questions down. Determine the overall theme of your questions. Perhaps it's a health issue or a behavior issue. Perhaps it's a dying and death issue, or a ‘re-incarnation' issue. Perhaps it's a desire to create a powerful energetic that will strengthen your spiritual connection to your animal friend. Perhaps you have a communication issue, something you deeply want your animal to understand and are simply not sure it does. Perhaps you want your animal to experience healing energy. Perhaps you have multiple desires.

Your next step is to locate an animal communicator whom you feel is appropriate to the types of questions you have. Ask your friends about animal communicators they have used and what their perception of the experience was. How did the communicator work? Did they feel the information was useful? Did the communicator understand the questions? Were they handled professionally? What were the actual costs? How was their animal before, during, and after the communication session? How did the care-person feel, before, during, and after the communication session? Did they get the result they wanted or hoped for? Would they use the communicator again?

Having located the communicator you'd like to help you, your next step is to contact the person. Since the ways in which communicators work vary widely, ask them how they work and charge for their services. Some, including myself, both ask you to and teach you how to prepare your animal(s) and yourself ahead of time. Others, as has already been discussed, handle it differently. Almost all communicators want some history on your animal and/or the questions or concerns you have about your animal. Consider all of this and then make your decision.

As of this writing, there are about one hundred animal communicators registered with, the web-site of a famous communicator (whose advanced classes I've taken and recommend), Penelope Smith. Penelope's web-site is a wonderful place to locate a potential helper, should you decide, having completed this article, to choose one. Communicators are listed by geography. Areas of specialty, if such areas exist, are also listed. My web-site address is listed at the end of this article, if it comes to you to contact me. <Ed. note: If you're reading this article HERE, you've already FOUND Elizabeth's web-site!!!> I am also listed on Penelope's web-site. < Ed. note: Penelope's link is in the Best Buddies section of this web-site.>

After you have chosen your communicator and made your appointment, allow your communicator to guide you personally through all the logistics and fulfillment of the session. Keep an open mind. Stay in an energy of resonance. All animal communication sessions, as different as each may be from the other, touch the mystery of the Unity of Existence. Enjoy the mystery! And happy animal-talking!

About the author: Dr. Elizabeth Forrest (Girard-diCarlo) Severino is a healing communicator for people and animals. She currently lives near the East Coast of the United States. She is the author of five books, including The Animals' Viewpoint on Dying, Death and Euthanasia. She travels extensively as a practitioner and teacher of Animal Communication, Spiritual Healing, and Embracing the Divine Feminine. Her web-site is <Ed. note: <grin>.>

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Elizabeth Severino, D.D., D.R.S.

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