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Elizabeth Enlightens

Elizabeth Enlightens

P.A.T.H.S. is an acronym for Program Authoring The Human Subconscious. It is a fast and easy approach to helping us become all we can and want to be. Create positive change in yourself by reprogramming your subconscious mind in just minutes a week! The full list of extraordinary possibilities is here:

Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary marries the "safe harbor" tradition of the Pacific Northwest with the mission of protection of animals. Formerly abused, abandoned, and rescued animals are healed and nurtured. The Board of Directors, volunteers and supporters are also dedicated to prevent disasters; prevent needless loss of life; and provide outreach programs teaching wise and compassionate animal care. A 501(c)3 organization, if you're looking for an organization to donate money to, please consider this one!


The image of dozens of Irish Setters running across a hill-top with the sun glowing behind them is one of God's great gifts! I was privileged to see this while attending an Annual Reunion and facilitating a Blessing of the Animals for this extraordinary group, founded by my dear friends and visionaries, Deanna and Phil Cuchiaro. Consider making a contribution, volunteering, and/or adopting one of their amazing dogs!

The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

As an animal communicator who specialises in veterinary intuition, I am very grateful to the veterinarians who spent their time, often late in the evenings, teaching me how vets need to have intuitive information presented so that it can be useful to them. They helped me validate my "sensings," assisting in helping me become the extraordinary veterinary intuitive I am today. At their recommendation, I became the first animal communicator in history to be invited by the AHVMA to address the veterinarians at their NATIONAL Conference (Louisville, KY, 2006) on the subject of "Increasing Practical Intuition". My 3-hour session received a "Standing Ovation"!!! The interest in my topic was so strong that 3/4's of the group stayed an hour into the lunch break just to hear me teach and share more. I later found out that I had the best-attended session in all 5 days of the conference!

The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association
is an organization whose purpose is to function as a forum for the exploration of alternative and complementary areas of health care in veterinary medicine. The site contains a directory of holistic practitioners in the United States.


The National Wildlife Foundation

I found myself several years ago, saying to people, "A wildlife sanctuary is creating itself in my back yard." It happened over time ... water sources created themselves in multiple places, food in another, butterfly bushes in yet another, arbor vitae for cover and raising of young, fruit trees for seed sources, and more. In 2007, the National Wildlife Federation Certified my property as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. You can do it, too ... provide multiple sources of food, water, shelter, a place to birth and raise young, and an organic or minimal-chemical environment! A truck-load of love is always helpful, too! More information is available on their web-site.

The National Wildlife Federation, based in the United States, inspires Americans to protect wildlife. Joined by affiliated local wildlife organizations in all 48 contiguous states and territories, the NWF has many programs of preservation in progress. They also provide information on global warming and other events of planetary significance.


Cultural Creative Living Directory's Cultural Creative Living Directory is an exclusive, hand-edited, searchable cultural creative living resource directory offering Conscious Living Resources and Cultural Creative Living tools for self-actualization, spiritual transformation, self-expression, ecological sustainability, women's issues and more! Offering resources for Alternative Medicine, Lightworker Practitioners for Healing, Acupuncture, Holistic Doctors, Herbs, Massage, Psychics, Reflexology, Reiki, Spirituality, Yoga and More! Submissions are always FREE!

The following are links to the people who have influenced my journey with their love, support, and teaching.

Sathya Sai Baba (d. 2011) is/was an Indian Saint who touched the lives of and healed literally millions. His healing and guiding presence in my life has been unfolding for decades. On one particular day, I told Him (telepathically) that I would willingly do his work of easing suffering and bringing love for all, including people, animals, situations, and the earth, but I needed a sign and I needed it BIG. I explained, I don't come from a culture of spiritual alchemy and gurus and "Masters!" He gave me a HUGE sign ... he covered every horizontal surface of my house with Vibhuti (sacred ash). His love of all nature including His beloved elephant Gita (d. 2007) who adored Him and His Dedication to helping all of us realize the God-Presence within was beyond words.

For years I kept feeling that I "should" go to India to see Him. I felt I needed a reason. He kept telling me (telepathically), "You have such a strong inner-view of me, why do you want an inter-view?" In 2005 I finally found an answer: "To thank you." The following morning I received an unsolicited email (meaning, I NEVER EMAILED HIM!!!) from His Ashram giving me the details of where Americans stay! The trip to see Him unfolded in a very short period of time after that and when I arrived ... with"only" telepathic connection, meaning absolutely no previous "physical" communication from me to anyone at the Ashram ... I just walked in ... I found myself miraculously seated in the highly coveted front row with over 40,000 people! LOL! When I was in His physical presence for the first time in 2005, He touched my heart, a feeling which is with me still. For me, He brought a deep understanding of what it must have been like to be with the Great Compassionate Master Healer Jesus Christ when Christ was in a physical body and walking our beloved earth. Sai Baba's message is: "I have come to light the lamp of Love in your hearts, to see that it shines day by day with added luster... I have come to tell you of this unitary faith, this spiritual principle, this path of Love, this virtue of Love, this duty of Love, this obligation of Love." Thank you, thank you, Baba!

Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (left in the picture at left with Ram Dass) was born September 27, 1953. An Indian Saint and spiritual leader, she is revered the world over by millions who know Her as "Amma", "Ammachi," "Mother," or "Ma!" She is a widely respected humanitarian and pledged over $35 million for Katrina disaster relief making Her one of a very few East Indian gurus to help outside their own country. Often called "the hugging saint," in the picture at left, She touches Ram Dass (right), who is clearly deeply affected by the great love exuded through Her. Amma has personally hugged over 21 million people! When I first met Her, She looked at me as if we had known each other for many life-times. When She first hugged me, Her energy transmitted to me was SO strong, I collapsed into Her lap. She wouldn't let me leave the stage and kept me on the stage sitting by Her for almost twenty minutes! Every time I went to leave or one of her aides went to remove me from Her presence or the stage, She grabbed a hand-full of the curls on my head HARD, giggled, and pulled me forcefully back into her lap. This repeated many times! TOOOO funny!

Amma was born of very humble and pious parents and was born with a smile on Her face. Amma has the most beautiful smile! "When one beholds the entire universe as a play of Consciousness, what else can one do but smile?" Amma explains. Her web-site contains an enormous amount of information about Her humanitarian activities and Her touring schedule. Amma is the most powerful representation of Divine Mother Love that I have ever witnessed. Ma! Ma! Ma!

Master Chunyi Lin is my Qigong Teacher and is truly one of the world's greatest healers. Born in China, he came to the United States in 1995. Since then he has created Spring Forest Qigong, a revolutionary technique based on a Healing practice that is thousands of years old --- revised and enhanced for a 21st century world. As soon as I first found out about Chunyi's Spring Forest QiGong, I bought the home study course in the 1990's when it was still in audio cassette and video cassette format! I am now a Level 3/4 Home Study student who has also attended his workshops in Minneapolis. I've had help: I feel very blessed that my brother who is a 35+ year Tai Chi/Qi Gong Master, while not abandoning his own practice, selflessly and joyously helped me understand some of the finer points of stance and movement which he felt were apparent in Chunyi's beautiful approach.

I started using SFQ healing techniques immediately when doing in-person energy work for animals and people. I have extensive background with meditation, spiritual healing, karate, working with other Qi Gong Masters including my brother, have been a Reiki Master for over 20 years, have learned Master Choa's Pranic Healing, am Certified in Magnified Healing, Quantum Healing, and other energy modalities. The gentleness and power of Chunyi's approach were apparent to me immediately. I especially used Spring Forest QiGong very effectively in volunteer work after 9/11. My volunteer assignments included some of the camera people. They witnessed and filmed such painful and horrific disaster and yet were not allowed to speak any of it out. Their job was to be quiet. The reporters had to "stuff" their emotions in order to do their jobs. Whew. I also used SFQ to help some of the residents of the apartment complexes evacuated near Ground Zero. When the latter presented, they looked like energetic raisins or prunes they were so energetically constricted ... and they filled out and relaxed visibly sometimes even in one session. I call on Chunyi as one of my Masters in Healing situations; he's always there for me to help me help others! Thank you, Chunyi!

Ron Roth of Celebrating Life Institute

Ron Roth of Celebrating Life (d. 2010) was for many years the leading spiritual healer in the United States. He also was my spiritual teacher and director for the 10+ years I studied with him. I completed all requirements including academic, practicum, and charitable service, for his 4-year Ordination Program. My Ordination as a Spiritual Healer through him was an amazing and Divine-Grace-filled event. At his coaching, I entered a Doctoral Program in Religious Studies and received my Doctorate in 2000. I feel blessed to have met him. I learned a tremendous amount about modern mysticism, the underlying tenets of the message of Love of the world's great religions, about The Holy Spirit as the Boundless Energy of a Loving God, and about healing through Divine Grace, by studying with him, watching him, and modeling him. I am grateful beyond words.

John of God is a spiritual healer living in Brazil. He has been the channel for hundreds of thousands of healings in the over 30 years he has been flowing Divine Healing Energy. He heals for free three days a week in Abadiania, Brazil. He occasionally travels outside of Brazil.

I first learned of Joao years ago from Ron Roth, then my spiritual director. I felt the energy of the "entities" (as they are called) that work through Joao and started calling on them immediately for their help in my own healing work, adding their names to the names I already used. I "put out there" the energy of the resonance of having Joao come to the U.S. to do healings here ... which at that point, he had never done. A few years later, it came forth!
Joao came to Atlanta to do his healing work.I volunteered for and was immediately embraced into his Circle of Love Clergy, whose "job" was to pray and help hold the resonance for the entire Atlanta John of God event.

When I prepared to enter the Meditation Room where Joao (then in-entity) was channeling the healing energy, the entity "found" me visually when I was in the doorway before I even entered the room! He smiled a huge smile of spiritual recognition, eyes twinkling! I spent several days in the meditation room with Joao. At one point, I sensed strongly that the energy in the main room needed to be significantly elevated. Suddenly I was popped out of my chair...and the next thing I knew, I was in front of the 2,000+ people there, sharing the story of and praying out loud, in Aramaic, the Lord's Prayer. Yes, the energy elevated dramatically! I LOVED being of service in this way!!! My own personal healing experiences with the entities working through Jaoa were extremely profound. I am so very grateful

Penelope Smith is the world's leading champion of animal communicators. Her site contains a directory of over 100 animal communicators throughout the world. She pioneered the wonderful quarterly journal, Species Link, designed to inform, share stories, enhance the skill sets and understandings of animal communicators worldwide, and announce classes, workshops, and products through herself and others. She initiated the Animal Communicators Code of Ethics. I took several advanced classes from Penelope in the year 2000 and feel I grew from them.

Elizabeth Severino, D.D., D.R.S.

Spiritual Mentor      Intuitive Counselor
     Energy Therapist      Animal Communicator

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