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"Thanks so much for posting the Chat'N'Pray Transcripts! What a wonderful treat! The group offers excellent insight on many subjects."

~Gloria DeV.

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Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Severino first organized and began facilitating
The Angel Wonder-Powers Team Bi-Weekly On-Line Chat'N'Pray Healing Sessions in 1998. The Team, now a world-wide volunteer group of pray-ers, flow extraordinay healing energy ... Since 1998, thousands of people and animals have experienced healings, many felt to be miraculous.

Most Team Members work quietly in their own individual ways. Those who can, when they can, also meet on-line, most commonly every other week, for a "Chat'N'Pray" Session, formerly called a "Gather and Pray" Session.

To read several dozen of the thousands of "Thank You's" the Team have received, and/or to be inspired by the Power of Prayer and Some of the Miracles Facilitated, click here.

In 2005, after many requests to do so, the effort began to capture and post on-line, the transcripts from the Chat'N'Pray Sessions. Exceptional wisdom and experience shared from the perspectives of multiple individuals, multiple countries, and multiple traditions, are included in the "Chat" portions; exquisite Sacred energy is included in the "Pray" portions. The transcripts are presented here for you to absorb their energy, which you will feel as soon as you access any one of them. In-fill with their passion, en-lighten with their inspiration; learn from their information, and share in the individual growth. Many are worth re-reading.

Email Notifications including the Date, Time, Link to the Chat, and how to Submit Prayer Requests, are sent to you when you choose it by clicking on "GO" below, which appears next to "Sign up for our EMail Lists(s)" box. Most commonly, Chat'N'Pray Sessions are held every other Thursday evening U.S. Eastern Standard Time from 9:00 pm to 10:30 pm.
You do not need to be present in order for your situation(s), animal(s), or person(s), to receive healing prayer energy from the Team.

To be notified when the Chat Transcripts are posted to the web-site, click on the "GO" box below and check the option to receive the Chat Transcript Posting Notifications. Transcripts from past sessions are linked below.

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Dr. Elizabeth Severino is a best-selling author, speaker, world-renowned animal communicator who practices in 32 countries. An Ordained Spiritual Healer whose Doctorate is in Religious Studies, she also serves as an Intuitive Counselor and Quantum Biofeedback Therapist who uses the highly advanced SCIO/QXCI/EPFX biofeedback device as an assist to her own highly developed healing abilities. She is available for speaking engagements, workshops, group sessions, and private sessions (Telephone, Internet, and In-Person by appointment only). As a speaker, Dr. Liz merges extraordinary and unique knowledge and experience with exceptional audience rapport and pleasant, good-natured humor. As an Energy Therapist and Spiritual Healer, Dr. Liz merges ancient healing wisdom and compassion with ultra state-of-the-art healing methodologies. Fill out a Contact Elizabeth form to indicate your interest in her services.

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