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Welcome to our current on-line offerings:

Public Chat

The famous"Chat'N'Prays" Sessions of the
World Wide Angel Wonder-Powers Team

The "Enter" button just above, is the link to join the bi-weekly Chat'N'Pray sessions usually held every other Thursday evening at 9:00 pm U.S. Eastern Time.

Healing Prayer Energy is radiated by the Angel Wonder Powers Team, a worldwide Team of volunteers ranging from extremely experienced distance pray-ers and energy healers to novices with pure hearts and great passion. The AWPT have been serving now since 1998.

To be put on the contact list for email notification of the Chat'N'Pray Days and Times, and/or to be reminded of when and how to submit prayer requests, join the Chat'N'Pray Notification List(s).

Join Our Mailing List(s)
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Reminders usually go out on Tuesday of the session week. We request the name(s) of your animal or human friend(s), or a brief explanation of a situation, the relevant geographical location(s), and what you'd like for them. You do not need to be present on-line during the Chat'N'Pray session in order for your intended recipients to receive healing prayer energy.

If you can join us on Chat'N'Pray Days WITH your animal(s), you will quickly find that the animals LOVE the experience! Don't be surprised if your animals come from everywhere in the house to join you: they're drawn by the energy and it's very healing for them!

We have literally thousands of "Thank You's" to the Team. Printed out they stack more than 3 feet high. If you have interested in or feel to be inspired by some of the many thousands of "Thank You's" the Team have received, including expressions of gratitude for clear miracles faciitated through the AWPT, click here.

General Chat'N'Pray format: We gather first and Chat. The Chat can comprise lessons, animal communication readings, general sharing of experiences, a scheduled agenda topic, etc. This continues until approximately 10:00 EST. At approximately 10:00 pm, we focus all our energies to Pray, to invoke the Divine and collectively send powerful group healing energy to all the animal and human friends and situations for whom healing is requested and which have been placed into our Healing Basket of Blessings. We talk everyone through the process, so newcomers are welcome and well taken care of.

Nicole S., in Mt. Holly, NJ, for emotional and physical peace.
Tara, the cat, Santa Monica, CA, for return to vibrant health.

Experience the healing, cleansing energy . . . Grin . . . Elizabeth "on-line"

Elizabeth Online
Elizabeth On-Line for People and Animals :):):)
(For those of you who have asked about the symbolism of the drawing, ... well ... guess!!! And email us with your guesses!!! So far, one person has gotten it totally correct!!!)

The Online Academy

of Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Severino

(If you are already a Student in the Program, your access instructions, not available to the general public, has been given to you already. If you have forgotten your password, please email Elizabeth).

The Internet-Based Mentoring Program
offers several on-line opportunities to learn through Dr. Elizabeth:

  • "Awakening and Enlightenment for Animal Healers and Communicators" (formerly simply called, The Online Mentoring Program). The most successful program to date, this full, one-year program is designed for animal healers and communicators or those who are moving into becoming animal healers or communicators. It helps facilitate your growth from wherever you are now to wherever you'd like to be. Areas of primary concentration, of course, are Dr. Elizabeth's passions, which include connection to Source and helping/healing ourselves and our animal companions, and service to others. Dr. Elizabeth spent a great deal of time creating this program and to date feedback has been extremely positive.

    To enter the program you must prepare an essay indicating where you feel you are in your life, what your primary issues are that you would like handled and/or improved, and what you feel you would most like to realize in your life, including your specific interests relative to realizing the Divine in your life and helping and healing animals, your self, or others.

    The specific category areas addressed in the program for those accepted into it, include: life balance; increasing awareness and intuition & hearing Guidance; career and abundance; and spiritual healing, including particularly one's relationship to God. The program consists of private lessons on web-links not available to the general public. The full program of one entire year's lessons, On-line Gatherings throughout the year and extra lessons from the Gatherings, is priced at the Spirit-directed (extremely low) fee of $333.00. To indicate your interest, Contact Dr. Elizabeth.

    What others have said about this program and Dr. Elizabeth as a Mentor:
    "I am very grateful to you for creating a sacred space for me to explore myself spiritually, to give me the courage to explore ... I somehow draw from your courage, it is a nurturing courage, warm and soothing yet very stable and strong. I am able now to fully realize the Truth that there are many paths to God and the difference between spirituality and religion. The most important thing I have learned is I now have my own relationship with God, and ONLY God and myself are in charge of that relationship ... this is what I learned through you, my dear spiritual mentor."
    --Joyce H., New Jersey

    "Elizabeth, since you came into my life, I feel I've grown out of a lifetime of a desperate and frightened soul into a new lifetime of inner peace and happiness, looking with a positive attitude to what the experiences of my true spiritual journey are teaching me. By 'doing' the things you have taught me ... the meditations, prayers, affirmations, processes, reading what you recommend and doing the lessons in the Mentoring Program... well, my spirit/soul thanks you and me for the healthy food. Lesson 5 in the Mentoring Program on "Reflecting" is a particular favourite of mine because it's helped change a life-long habit/pattern that had dragged me down for years."
    --Marge H., Alberta, Canada

    "I want to thank you Elizabeth, for your guidance and the sharing of your gifts. I can truly say that meeting you, workshops with you and the Mentoring Program, have set me on this new journey that is the most exciting of my life. It feels whole and healthy. At last I can go about life with calm and certainty that I'm doing here what I'm supposed to be doing, and that I'm becoming a better person."
    --Vicki M., Oregon

    "Elizabeth, what can I say? I've had a life-long dream of becoming a healer, and thanks in great part to your unwavering and consistent support of me, I am! Many blessings to you, dear Mentor and Friend!"
    --Lee W., Philadelphia

  • Effective Prayer. This course is a series of lessons sharing what Dr. Elizabeth has been taught by Spirit and her wonderful teachers and advisors, on effective prayer. $177.00.

  • Animal Death: Understanding the Journey. This course covers many aspects of the Journey, including the Animals' Viewpoints on Dying, Death, and Euthanasia, Rituals for Assisting the Dying Process, and Reincarnation. $222.00.

    Private Chat

Private healing sessions in the form of spiritual healing and/or intuitive reading and/or personal mentoring sessions are by appointment. They are offered via telephone or via an on-line session. The telephone offers direct personal contact with Dr. Elizabeth's energy and voice. The Internet affords the advantage of the privacy and quiet of current technology in the form of a private chat room, to receive insight and healing on whatever issues are up for you or those you love... and you can receive a print-out of the keyed-in transcript afterwards! Private sessions are always arranged in advance. E-Mail Elizabeth at, call 856.582.1700, fill out a Contact Elizabeth form, and/or fill out an On-Line Order to ask for and reserve an appointment. The most popular time is 45 minutes. Next, a mutually agreeable time will be arranged, and whether it is a telephone or Internet session will be determined. You will then be given instructions on where to "meet" Dr. Elizabeth, either by telephone or on-line.

Elizabeth Severino, D.D., D.R.S.

Spiritual Mentor      Intuitive Counselor
     Energy Therapist      Animal Communicator

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