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Elizabeth SeverinoElizabeth Severino's Mission is "Creating a Happy, Healthy World for People and Animals." For some of the amazing people who have helped create her as who she is now, please link to the Best Buddies site, where you will find loving descriptions of and grateful testimonials to her spiritual teachers, friends, and guides.

As an intuitive advisor, lecturer, workshop leader, spiritual healer, and author, Elizabeth specializes in helping people feel healing Grace. As an animal communicator, she specializes in communication between animals and their humans and handles all species and all issues with love and compassion. As a Quantum Biofeedback Therapist, she helps with people, animals, and situations, anywhere in the world, as well as throughout time and space. She welcomes working with veterinarians and other health professionals. As an author, she creates products designed to empower people to live her mission of Creating a Happy and Healthy World for People and Animals.

A great deal of Elizabeth's formative experiences as an Animal Communicator and the amazing animals in form and out who have helped her along the way, is in Elizabeth's beautiful book, The Animals' Viewpoint on Dying, Death, and Euthanasia. She has also created a 2-CD set sharing even more stories, Stories from an Animal Communicator.
People are reporting that their intuitive abilities are increasing just by listening to the CD! Some of her transformation from difficult circumstances to her current place in being can be found in her book, Stories of Transformation, which made the best-seller list on Nov. 20, 2007, and which Elizabeth co-authored by invitation with Anthony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, Marie Diamond (from the Secret), Master Chunyi Lin, and others.

The following will give some details which many find interesting.

Elizabeth or "Dr. Liz" as she is frequently and lovingly called, was considered a precocious child from the very beginning. She entered the Baldwin School's First Grade in Bryn Mawr, PA, a full 2 years younger than her other classmates! Her childhood life, filled with the joy of animal companionship and living in country woods, was deeply affected by the family home burning completely down, the deaths of varying beloved animal friends, her being relocated to another home for a while, her father's absence through business travel, and her mother's valiant efforts to keep going on and continue to offer the children the best possible opportunities in face of her desperately deteriorating health. Elizabeth's life circumstances further unfolded such that her birth father died while she was in High School. Her hard-working mother told her college was out for her, there was no money. She truly wanted an advanced education and studied to become an Honor Student at Harriton High School in Lower Merion, PA. Winning a full scholarship to Vassar College, she became a Dean's List Student at that prestigious Institution, from which she graduated with a major in Latin and a minor in Psychology. Because of her skills with math and logic and her abilities with languages, she was wooed by IBM in Poughkeepsie NY and eventually, through IBM, earned an IBM-sponsored M.B.A. Later she earned a D.R.S. (Doctor of Religious Studies, with a concentration in both academic and practicum Healing through prayer and touch) AND a Doctor of Divinity Degree. Along the way in the business world, she served as a former Fortune 500 executive (Vice President, McGraw Hill), a successful computer company entrepreneur (founder of The PC Group), computer wizard, co-founder and first President of The Association of Personal Computer Professionals, co-founder and first Chairperson of The Society for Grateful Living, co-founder and first Executive Director of the National Reiki Association, and founding treasurer of the Tri-State Holistic Health Association.

Elizabeth's life has had three very strong tracks. One is in spirituality and connection to Source. One is in creative, artistic and movement arts pursuits. One is in rational thinking, logic and math.

For decades, Elizabeth's career was in the computer industry, where she won many performance awards from companies including IBM, McGraw-Hill, Datapro Research and Auerbach Publishers. She was the only employee in IBM's history to win every award a competitive analyst can win. While serving at IBM, she was an award-winning co-designer of the prototype architecture blending of CP/67, TSS, TSO, and the Arpanet, which altogether are now known as the Internet. (For real! She has copies of the Technical Reports with her name on them to "prove" it! LOL! Her first book was Guide to International Computer Systems Architecture!) More recently, Elizabeth has discovered the products of the brilliant Professor Bill Nelson, and has delightedly found the EPFX/Quantum/SCIO biofeedback device which blends all of her passions ... spirituality (it's based on prayer energy), energy healing (over 1.2 million therapies most of which work in subspace), and computers (the largest medical software program in the world)!! Elizabeth is now a Quantum Biofeedback Therapist and has human, animal, and situational clients in multiple countries and on 4 continents!

In her creative and artistic pursuits, Elizabeth is a true "Renaissance Woman." She has SO much creative energy! She is a published author (6 books), published poet, commercial artist whose work history includes line-art covers for IBM marketing magazines, singer who performed once at the Academy Ball at the prestigous Academy of Music in Philadelphia, PA, NY-certified interior decorator who in 1989 embraced Feng Shui, award-winning ballroom dancer, and choreographer whose credits include two award-winning operas, Der Vampyr and Faust. She holds a fascination for peak performance and high accomplishment (for this she thanks her family!), is a graduate of Tad James' Creating Your Future seminar and a 1995 graduate of Anthony Robbins' Mastery University.

Spiritually, Elizabeth's fascination with the Divine, connection to and with the Divine, all paths leading to the Divine and expressions of the energy of the Divine, especially including animals and nature, first evidenced at a very early age and has continued throughout her life. She has been an animal communicator since birth. Some family members credit her gifts as blessings from her family genes! Elizabeth's maternal grandfather's hand-written thesis (on display at Founder's Hall at Haverford College) compared the inherent essence of truth of the world's great religions and quoted amply from 6 wisdom literature languages ... and this was in 1902!!! Her paternal grandfather was fluent in 7 languages and was a being of exquisite love and grace, as was her paternal Grandmother! Her maternal Uncle had a "deep connection to animals" and frequently performed laying-on-of-hands healing. Did we mention she was named after one of the great female educators in her Mom's era, Elizabeth Forest Johnson, and was greatly supported academically by her maternal grandmother, Lillian Ida Kathleen Thompson Patton, the first woman to travel solo across North America (in 1927)?

Elizabeth is fascinated by all languages, whether they are spoken languages, unspoken languages, energy languages, or ancient languages of the wisdom literature. This may be partly because she has discovered that language can shape thought which can shape belief and thus shape reality and partly because she deeply feels the different energies of sounds. Of course, as an animal communicator, she feels the energy of the intention that is about to express in all beings. As of this writing she has some skill in 14 human languages and has served as a sought-after translator. Her prowess with Latin (9 years), Greek, French and German helped her immensely in her work with Oxford University's Greek New Testament: she easily finished her first Ordination as an All Faith minister in 1977. She subsequently earned a D.D. in Comparative Religion and now also holds a Doctor of Religious Studies (D.R.S.) from American World University (her dissertation on energy & prayer healing was called "excellent in every way"). She received her Ordination as a Spiritual Healer through internationally-renowned Spiritual Healer Ron Roth's Celebrating Life Fellowship in 2002.

Liz the ArtistHer accomplishments are chronicled in dozens of Who's Who books nationally and internationally, including: International Leaders in Achievement and The World Who's Who of Women, published in Cambridge England; and in the United States, 2,000 Notable American Women, Who's Who in the U.S., Who's Who in the East, Who's Who in Finance and Industry, and many more. She is the author of Guide to International Computer Systems Architecture, Do it Yourself Vibrant Health: Mind, Body, and Spirit, Reiki: The Healer's Touch, Diet to Raise Your Spiritual Level and The Animals' Viewpoint on Dying, Death, and Euthanasia, Stories of Transformation, Breathing for Balance, and Stories from an Animal Communicator.

Dance PhotoElizabeth realized she is a healer as a result of a near-fatal boating accident, during which a miracle witnessed by 7 other people saved her life and revealed to her a sudden and deep understanding of healing and self-healing for people and animals. At the time she was the CEO of a computer consulting company specializing in the design and installation of computer networks. The 'accident' and the epiphany she experienced changed her life dramatically. She has subsequently studied and in many cases received certification in the Energy Therapies of multiple cultures, including Pranic Healing (the Phillipines), Yoga (India), Qi Gong Breathwork (China), Reiki (Japan), Neuro-Associative Conditioning (U.S.), Huna (Hawaii), and Transformational Breathwork (U.S.) She pioneered the Energy Breathwork modality in 1997 and attributes this breathing method to increasing her intuition, reducing stress, and creating balance. The Energy Breathwork modality is presented to help all in the CD, Breathing for Balance. Although designed originally to help people, purchasers of the CD are now reporting that they're playing it for their animals! Since 2000/2001, Elizabeth has been learning and practising Spring Forest QiGong (from China and taught by a U.S. Master, see Best Buddies). Spring Forest QiGong is a very special form of healing QiGong which Elizabeth absolutely loves.

Elizabeth has a daughter and two grandsons whom she loves very much!!!

Praise for Elizabeth Severino and her Mission, Creating a Happier, Healthier World for People and Animals

(For a much broader range of what people think, click here).

"Elizabeth brings the Light. She is a Healer."
- Santa Rosita, a Living Saint, Mexico City

"Elizabeth's Power is her Peace."
- Ron Roth, Ph.D., Best-Selling Author, Spiritual Healer & Workshop Leader

"Elizabeth has a yiddishe neshamina. She is spiritually one of the most powerful women in the world."
- Rabbi Yosef Serebryanski, Crown Heights, Brooklyn

"Dear Elizabeth, Priestess, your presence was such a sweet well of wisdom, peace, and joy on our journey to the Bali Paradise."
- Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Best-Selling Author, Therapist & Workshop Leader

"A remarkable lady!"
-Connie Colla, NBC-TV

"Liz starts from a place called, 'You can do it!'…and before long, you can!"
-Elsie Kerns, Reiki Master, Medford, NJ

"I'm where I am now with the job of my dreams and the house of my dreams, because of Liz. I can't thank her enough!"
-Barbara Slizewksi, Overland Park, KS

Elizabeth Severino, D.D., D.R.S.

Spiritual Mentor      Intuitive Counselor
     Energy Therapist      Animal Communicator

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