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Front Page, "This Week Section", The Courier Post

Psychic Energy
She talks to the animals

By Lorraine Stemmler

     Horses . . . pigs . . . iguanas . . . dogs . . . cats . . . whatever the species, Elizabeth Severino talks with them all. It's a skill this Cherry Hill resident says she can teach to others.
     An animal communicator and spiritual guide, Severino explains that a conversation between a human and an animal consists of a split-second exchange of energy that translates into words and images.
     The animals she speaks with are open to this dialogue because she says, "They know I represent the spirit of oneness, the spirit of energy."
     Severino grew up in rural Pennsylvania, unaware that other people didn't communicate with animals in the way she and her uncle did. Her unique ability faded into the background as she focused on her education, career, marriage, motherhood, and later, a divorce. Her uncle, however, became famous as an animal communicator and hands-on healer.
     Her credentials span the spectrum from high-tech to spiritual. They include a degree from Vassar College, where she studied classical languages and clinical psychology, a masters degree in computer science earned while a rising star at IBM, a doctor of divinity degree, and certification as an interior decorator with extensive training in Feng Shui.

Four Books

     She's written four books -- one on animal communication is in the works -- speaks nine languages, is a championship ballroom dancer, and remains a part-time consultant for the computer consulting company she founded.
     In the spiritual realm, she is a teaching master of Reiki, certified in Transformational breathwork and other healing modalities, and a graduate of Anthony Robbins' Mastery University.
     In 1989, Severino experienced an epiphany after her left hand was severely mangled in a sailboating accident. Although doctors predicted permanent nerve damage and scarring, she healed her hand by following the instructions from a voice within her head that coached her in massage and visualization techniques. Today, her hand is fully functional and scar-free.
     During the healing, Severino gave up her high-tech career and devoted herself to following the voice's direction to concentrate on spiritual counseling and healing under the name, "The Healing Connection."

Neighbor's Dog

     Two years later, she says her cocker Spaniel, Tanaka, brought the gift of animal communication back into her consciousness. At first, Tanaka communicated with a neighbor's dog about a lost kitten, then "told" Severino where to find the kitten.
     "Then he taught me energy migration," says Severino, so she could communicate directly with any animal. "I've been able to read animals again ever since."
     As word about her abilities spread, a local pet store arranged for Severino to "read" and give healing touches to its customers' pets. More recently, she's worked with the Animal Orphanage in Voorhees to teach classes in animal communication.
     Severino claims that at the end of a one-day class, "You'll be able to successfully send a message to your animal in a way that they will absolutely get it, and you will get visual reinforcement that they got it."
     Not everyone will be able to receive messages, she cautions. "It depends on your openness to the energy."

Healing Touches

     In addition, Severino teaches visualization and the exact wording that must be used. "I teach congruency of mind, body and spirit, which is necessary for the communication to be received instantly." And she teaches various healing touches, including one she originated called the "Severino Sweep."
     Severino says her students will also be able to ask an animal what its purpose is and to hear the answer. "Companion animals always have a spiritual purpose in their human's life. I believe animals are here to help us get closer to God, if we're willing to let them be our teachers. When you open to them and let them touch you, you get awesome lessons."
     Severino asks her students to bring their dogs to class. If a student doesn't have a dog, she borrows one from the Orphanage. Students change dogs halfway through the class, so they can learn to communicate with a dog other than their own.
     Although she says this communication works with all animals, "It's easier to teach with dogs. Dogs come from a place of no attitude and unconditional love. Other species sometimes have attitudes, like cats, who think they own the energy, and who, to a certain extent, are correct!"

Animal Abuse

     About one-third of the animals Severino reads have experienced some trauma, possibly abuse by a former owner. "I'm frequently called in when the animal is tearing up the house, showing separation anxiety, or chewing their paws."
     "What the animal wants is a listening for their trauma. When they're convinced that I'm listening and trust the energy, they'll do what I call a 'trauma dump.' "
     "They'll tell me over and over in images what is the most upsetting thing that has ever happened to them. When they stop, the trauma is gone and they'll never demonstrate those behaviors again."
     While listening, she gives the animals healing touches. "I hold a frequency for them, and I keep their muscles going and keep the energy moving at random through the body, so that the animal can heal itself."

Spiritual Guide

     For her international human clientele, Severino serves as spiritual guide and mentor, an energy healer and breathworker. "I counsel people searching for the spiritual meaning in their lives. The people who seek me out are energy sensitive and awakened, or are ready to move into what I term, 'The Technology of Truth.'"
     Most are counseled by telephone.
     For her animal clientele, Severino prefers to work with them in person, but says she can "read" animals over the telephone through their owner.
     To learn more about Severino's animal communication or Technology of Truth, call 856.667.7705 or e-Mail her at
Reproduced with permission. Originally printed Thursday, January 15, 1998, Page 1, This Week Section.

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Elizabeth Severino, D.D., D.R.S.

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