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Burlington County Times, Page (A1)

Psychic Probes Pet Psyches

By Sally Friedman

VOORHEES - By noon yesterday, the cars were jockeying for position near the Animal Orphanage on Cooper Road in Voorhees where Woofstock, an all-day pet fair with a 1960's theme was under way.
      While the music of the era blasted on the loudspeaker system, it still couldn't drown out the excited barks of the four-legged guests and their masters, all out to celebrate pet life and browse through the stands offering everything from leashes and collars to doggie bagel bites and invisible fencing.
      But perhaps the leading attraction at the shelter yesterday was the appearance of Elizabeth Severino, a psychic counselor and healer to pets who has attracted regional attention through her specialty.
      Severino, once a corporate computer type, gave all that up when she discovered her psychic gifts with animals.
      "I exchange information with animals, plants, fish, trees, and pre-verbal babies," Severino, a resident of Cherry Hill, said. "I've found what I was meant to do."
      Yesterday, it was clear that others agree with her.
      "She was wonderful -- absolutely understanding," said Dr. Vincent Sollimo of Westampton, a chemistry professor at Burlington County College, who had consulted with Severino about their new Bischon puppy, Snowy.
      Severino, who communicated with Snowy through gentle hand massage, advised Sollimo and his wife, Pat, that the puppy needed a lot of reassurance about being loved, and about how safe she was in her new home.
      "We agree with Liz that puppies have a higher spiritual level than humans, and she seemed able to empty her mind in order to communicate with Snowy," said Sollimo, admitting that while it may sound strange, he and his wife are convinced that animals and humans can indeed communicate.
           For Gina Bianchi of Evesham, who brought her dogs Onyz and Blizzard for a free session with Severino at yesterday's Woofstock event, the consultation was also gratifying.
      "I'm talking to Onyx through my hands, using a combination of my fingertips and my fingernails," said Severino as Onyx's owner listened attentively to the psychic counselor's insights, including that the dog is not happy about loud noises.
      Debbie Green of Voorhees, one of the volunteers at the shelter that was in danger of closing last year when it was strapped for cash, planned to bring her own 21-year-old cat, Disco, for a late afternoon consultation. "I brought my bird to meet Liz, and she seemed to really understand him," said Green.
Severino, who calls her concept "The Healing Connection," is a graduate of Vassar College.
      "At Vassar, I majored in classical languages, but I was also attracted by math and science. But working with the body and spirit and humans and animals came into my life, partly through my own need for a higher plane of existence, and partly from contact with Tanaka, my wonderful cocker spaniel and teaching guide."
      Shelter director John Roskopf of Pemberton and co-director Scott Russell of Evesham were delighted with yesterday's capacity crowd. Roskopf attributed at least part of it to the presence of Elizabeth Severino, "a real special person."

Original article printed on Sunday, August 24, 1997,

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Elizabeth Severino, D.D., D.R.S.

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