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The Press, Atlantic City, NJ, Page C1 (First page, Section C)

Spiritualist who specializes in pet connections speaks in A.C.

Can't seem to get your pet under control? Pet psychic Elizabeth Severino claims the secret is in the way you speak to your pet.

by Michael Pritchard, Staff Writer

     Can't keep Fluffy from jumping on the couch no matter how many times you tell her not to? The problem is the way you tell her, according to Spiritualist Elizabeth Severino, who specializes in connections with animals.
     You see, when you tell a dog or cat to stay off the couch, you send a visual image to the animal.
     And the only image they get is couch.
     "The animal's mind can't visualize 'not,' " Severino explained to a convention of dog groomers Sunday. "For that matter, neither can the human mind. You are not relaying the right image."
     Severino addressed the eighth annual New Jersey Groomers and Pet Care Professionals seminar held at the Holiday Inn Diplomat.
     Severino has been growing in fame as a sort of pet psychic.
     For Severino, it all started in 1989 when her hand was severely injured in a boating accident.
     It was then she said that she began to receive messages in her head on how to heal the hand, which doctors said was hopelessly crushed and would never be 100 percent.
     "I remember the voice said to me, 'Thank the doctor for the diagnosis, the prognosis is between us and God,' " she said. "It was then that I knew I would be able to heal myself."
     Her hand looked fine Sunday.
     The next step was communicating with animals.
     Severino told a story of how she ran into a friend one day while they were both walking their dogs.
     The friend was distraught that a new kitten was lost.
     Severino said she witnessed an energy exchange between the two dogs and then got a clear vision that the kitten was caught behind the vanity in the bathroom.
     "I didn't tell her that 'My dog talked to your dog and then sent me an image,' " she said. "But I said she should look there. When I got home there was a message that the kitten had been stuck behind the vanity. That's when I knew something was happening."
     Severino's original career was in the computer business, and she speaks several languages. But lately, she has been working with animals, writing books, and teaching the Japanese healing discipline Reiki.

     Severino said she used to be thrown off by the obvious skepticism she faces but has learned to shut it out.
     But surrounded by people who handle animals daily, there seemed to be little skepticism at all.
     In fact, many of the groomers supported Severino's basic contention that animals are affected by the mental images they get from their owners.
     For example, many of the groomers said that the most aggressive pets usually belong to aggressive, uptight people.
     One groomer also said he has learned how to calmly get cats to take a bath. While he is doing it, he thinks of anything in the world but giving the cat a bath.
     While it seems unlikely that most of us will have the detailed conversations Severino recounted with animals, she stressed that we can all relate to our pets better if we just open up to the relationships.
     So the next time you want Fluffy off the couch, try to think about how nice it would be to lie on the rug.

Reproduced with permission. Original article printed on November 4, 1996.

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Elizabeth Severino, D.D., D.R.S.

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     Energy Therapist      Animal Communicator

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