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Elizabeth Severino "Dr. Liz" holds a D.R.S. (Doctor of Religious Studies) and an honorary D.D. (Doctor of Divinity) degree. Best known as an Animal Communicator and Consultant for Behavior and Holistic Wellness for Animals, she is also a Medical QiGong Healer, Mentor for Animal Communication, Intuitive Counselor, Quantum Biofeedback Therapist/Specialist, Author, Workshop Leader, and Essential Oils Educator. She has clients now in 43 countries.

Dr. Liz offers private sessions world-wide by telephone and Skype and in-person sessions at selected events and locations. Workshops and classes are offered in-person in the United States and Canada and world-wide by TeleClass and Webinar.

Dr. Liz is the author of 6 books and 2 CD products. She's been a guest over 250 times on Radio Programs and a dozen times on TV. A British Publication listed her as one of the "top 9 most effective and most influential animal communicators in the world."


Dr. Liz is on

Creating Wellness for All Beings

  • Animal Communication and Wellness Consulting

    "A Voice for all Creatures"

    Dr. Liz has been an animal communicator her entire life. She is blessed in that her Uncle, an active force for her in her youth, was an animal communicator and hands-on healer from the 1950's until his passing in the late 1980's. She is further blessed that Francis of Assisi has been a loving Guide for her, her entire life. She honors the extraordinary Penelope Smith in the domain of Animal Communication and her amazing teachers, Sathya Sai Baba, Ammachi, Sri Ranji Roth, and Chunyi Lin in the domain of Spiritual and Energy Healing. She especially honors the animals and nature, profound teachers, companions, and healers for her, her entire life. She does her work to give back to them the compassion, beauty and love they have shown her.
  • The Animals' Viewpoint on Dying, Death and Euthanasia. Widely regarded as the seminal work on its topic for both animals and people, this book shares the early childhood and formative experiences that led to Dr. Liz becoming an animal communicator. It also shows how she developed an unusual specialty in and great compassion for animals in the area of living, dying, reincarnating, and the spaces in between. One entire chapter was quoted liberally in the winning opinion leading to the State of Washington's "Death with Dignity" law.
  • Stories from an Animal Communicator, a 2-CD set, shares stories from the beginning of Dr. Liz's professional animal communication career almost 30 years ago. Great teaching vehicles, listening to the stories helps people become more intuitive and connected themselves.
  • Private sessions
    People report their indoor animals want to get into the room when Dr. Liz is one the phone. Field and farm animals often come over to the fence or their persons.

    In an Animal Communication and/or Holistic Wellness Consultation Session with Dr. LIz, you can:
    • Communicate a Message to your Beloved Animal Friend
    • Clarify How your Beloved Animal Friend Feels
    • Understand & Resolve Behavior Issues
    • Clarify Your Animal's Perspective on Health Issues and Healing (Dr. Liz collaborates with many veterinarians)
    • Determine if Your Animal wants to "Keep on Trying"
    • Determine What Your Animal Feels About Different Therapies or Interventions being Used for Its Well-being, What It Feels is Working, Not Working, or Doing Nothing, or WAS working and was Stopped Too Soon
    • Determine What Your Animal's Sign May be, If it's Approaching Third Stage and May be Ready To Cross Over
    • Help Animals Recover from Trauma
    • Help with a New Animal Joining the Household
    • Help Animals Recover from Losing an Animal or Human Friend or Loved One
    • Learn Your Animal's Answers to Specific Questions
    • Contact the Energies of an Animal who has left Form
    • Ask an animal's essence energy about reincarnation
    • Facilitate the reincarnation experience so that essence energies and persons more easily find each other
    • Experience healing energy
    • Discuss the different modalities that might be available to you given your veterinarian's diagnosis and/or what you feel the situation is with your animal and what you feel to address on your animal's behalf
    • Understand options and what you can do yourself including food choices, supplements, flower essences, homeopathy, therapeutic grade essential oils, herbs, energy work, veterinary acupuncture, veterinary chiropractic, movement arts
    • Benefit from Dr. Liz's enormous database of thousands of holistic testimonials from holistically passionate lay people and case studies from holistic veterinarians in multiple countries.
    • Consider joining Dr. Liz's Team of LIke-Minded People World-wide who want the highest degree possible of Holistic Health for themselves and their Animals

      People often notice results instantly, feeling the healing energy and/or seeing changes in their animals immediately. This happens however the sessions are conducted: over the telephone, through Skype, or a rare in-person.

      Order a session either emailing Dr. Liz, calling 01-856-582-1700 or clicking below.


      Learn more about how to prepare for your session, what to expect, and what the animals feel about an animal communication and holistic wellness session with Dr. Liz.

      If becoming an Animal Communicator interests you, and/or you would like to host an Animal Communication Workshop in your geographical area, please fill out a "Contact Elizabeth" form and let her know.

  • Quantum Biofeedback and Energy Healing Sessions for Animals

    Dr. Liz is a highly trained Quantum Biofeedback Therapist. All sessions are designed to identify energy blockages and begin to gently release them, thereby stimulating the immune system, reducing stress, and helping to create higher levels of emotional, mental, and spiritual balance, peace and wellness.
    To every session, Dr. Liz adds her expensive experience with ancient healing arts plus her extraordinary background as a computer whiz. Sessions are generally done "remotely" with animals in the comfort of their own habitats. Two levels of wellness sessions are offered: Preventative and Deepening.

    At the Preventative Level
    , one hour sessions for your animal(s) give you the opportunity to balance your animal's energies and strengthen its immune system. Such sessions are called "General Wellness Sessions." Many care-humans schedule "General Wellness Sessions" quarterly for their animals. The "General Wellness Sessions" give YOU the opportunity perhaps for the first time to have peace of mind that you are doing something both comprehensive and conscious in the area of preventative wellness for your beloved animal friends! Imagine being able to deploy energetic intervention without either you or your animal leaving your premises! Imagine checking symptoms before they develop into something more challenging to the immune system!

    At the Deepening Level,
    the one and a half hour or two hour sessions go deeper into sensing what's so for your beloved animal friend. The results of the session include balancing your animal's energies, reducing stress, and strenghtening the immune system. They may also include the results of specific biofeedback processes and energy sessions to help address specific issues.


    Dr. Liz is making a significant contribution to animal wellness using this approach. Learn more about the approach.

  • Energy Healing and Quantum Biofeedback Sessions for People

    Dr. Liz's experience in ancient healing arts is extensive and spans many decades. While earning her Doctorate in Religious Studies, her concentration was on Healing through Prayer and Touch both academic (studying it) and practicum (doing it). She is an Certified Energy Therapist in many modalities, including Pranic Healing, Reiki (Master's Level), Hawaiian Huna, Magnified Healing, Spring Forest QiGong (Level 4). She was ordained as a Spiritual Healer in 2002 through the great Sri Ranji Roth.

    In addition to Energy Healing Sessions in-person, by telephone, and remotely, Dr. Liz also offers remote sessions mixing her extensive energy experience with the most ancient of healing arts with the most modern of high technology, evoked potential biofeedback devices. She administers Biofeedback and Evoked Potential Therapy for people, animals, situations, buildings, and locations. People, animals, situations and of course buildings (!) can be anywhere on the planet. She is a Quantum Biofeedback Therapist Certified through the National Biofeedback Certification Board.

    People frequently want to know what her device of choice is. After much research, her device of choice is the EPFX/QXCI/SCIO/Quantum.

    "The wellness possibilities are almost endless with this approach!" delights Dr. Liz.

    A brief summary of what is possible using Dr. Liz's all-natural, non-invasive, non-chemical approaches:
    • Create harmonic balance
    • Enhance awareness of issues
    • Smooth out personal relationships and issues
    • Achieving better emotional balance
    • Assess nutritional needs
    • Identify ingested or environmental stressors
    • Reduce pain
    • Lower stress
    • Stimulate the immune system
    • Enhance relaxation
    • Cleanse & balance chakras & auras
    • Dissipate negative or depressing thoughts
    • Balance a home's energies
    • Balance a business' energies
    • Balance legal situations
    • Balance financial situations
    • Smooth and balance life changes & transitions
    • Develop spiritual alignment to your Higher Power;
    • Rediscover the joy in living.

      Sessions for people or animals are mostly done remotely. This means you can be wherever you are. It's helpful to be open to receive but it's not necessary.

  • Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Counseling

    Dr. Liz is a spiritual healer ordained through the brilliant Sri Ranji Roth. Receiving energy and counseling through Dr. Liz is a powerful experience. People report that even their animals try to get into the room they're in, to bask in the radiated energy, when people are on the phone just speaking with, Dr. Liz.

    • Intuitive Counseling & Body Scans
      Dr. Liz helps you identify the spiritual issues coming up for you on your current path, including what's happening in your life including your body from the spiritual perspective.
      She specializes in how to recognize and then help you recognize and stop repeating patterns of behavior that hurt. She invokes Divine & Angelic Energy for Healing through Prayer, Energy Work, and Chanting Sacred Sounds in Wisdom Languages. You will receive extraordinary insight, gain helpful understanding, feel increased vibrational elevation and peace.

      Dr. Liz is very experienced in helping people understand what the message of the Spirit is, that's trying so hard to get your attention, and often is using your biology or behavior or life experience to do it (the Spirit/Mind/Body Link). Dr. Liz has trained extensively with some of the world's greatest healers and medical intuitives.
      Sessions are in-person, by telephone
      , and by Skype.

  • Leadership Coaching & Business Mentoring
    Dr. Liz is a keenly intuitive, vibrant, motivating leadership coach & business mentor. She quickly discerns the energetics of a situation and helps facilite the manifesting of business and personal goals.

    A former Fortune 500 Executive, she has founded or co-founded many companies, organizations, and associations. Some comprise highly divergent personalities speaking multiple languages from multiple countries and cultures.

    Sessions are done by telephone and are 30-45 minutes in length.


Elizabeth Severino, D.D., D.R.S.

Spiritual Mentor      Intuitive Counselor
     Energy Therapist      Animal Communicator

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