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Spiritual Mentoring & Healing

Pictured at left is Elizabeth's Ordination in Oak Brook, Illinois, USA. Elizabeth is a spiritual healer, ordained through the multi-year program of internationally renowned spiritual healer, Dr. Ron Roth.

Elizabeth brings to her practice a delightful love of the Divine, inspired intuition, and a profound passion for the wisdom literature of many traditions, often in their original languages. Praying with her, chanting with her, meditating with her, receiving her insights, is a deeply moving and healing experience.

Imagine what addressing the following issues or having the following experiences could do to help you be happier and healthier ... Spiritual Healing ... Prayer ... Helping You Understand the Spiritual Energies You're Working This Life-Time ... Intuitive Counseling ...What your Biology is Trying to Tell You through Its Conditions ... The Conversations of Your Mind, What They're Doing to Your Body & Life, and Changing Them ... Y
our Energy Anatomy…Knowng Your Truth…Bringing Light to the Dark Night of the Soul.

"Experience Divine empowerment and reach enlightenment!"

Liz - Spiritual MentorLife is not just about survival, it's about spiritual evolution and joy! Spiritual changes are happening very rapidly on the planet now . . . often resulting in crises we experience seemingly without help, while also having jobs, relationships, families and the need to pay taxes.

The effect of these changes can often occur as significant disruption in our lives, a sudden "pull" to be somewhere else, with someone else, or doing something else. This feeling can come suddenly and very powerfully. It can cause confusion and despair when major questions as to life choices appear to need to be made.

All suffering comes from shutting ourselves off from our own internal Source of truth, love and happiness. Telephone or in-person conversations with Elizabeth can help you:

  • Entrain to the sacred mystery of significantly higher levels of consciousness;
  • Develop strength, love and patience;
  • Gain insight and awareness; perceive a truth-full, more liberating way of existence;
  • Develop your intuition and receptivity to synchronicity;
  • Get beyond fear, feelings of futility about life, and negative thought forms;
  • Pray and experience empowerment;
  • Allow your innate joy to permeate your totality.

Thousands of people report that they feel better just talking to Elizabeth. Order your One-Hour Session below. To schedule your session, contact Dr. Liz.

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"The true meaning of life? Sure, just a moment!"
Ed. note: The formula is Elizabeth's and it reads: Energy = ((Matter times the speed of light) squared) and Raised to the Power of Intention
Elizabeth highly respects and has read much of Albert Einstein 's work ... in his last essay written shortly before his death, he expressed his belief that e=mc2 isn't all of the "it" of the Universe ...Elizabeth meditated on this and decided that what is missing in the famous equation is the recognition of the power of consciousness as intention energy to hold an infinite level of possibility ... She received this insight ... the power of Intention ... decades ago, and created this cartoon to represent it humorously in 1998!


Elizabeth Severino, D.D., D.R.S.

Spiritual Mentor      Intuitive Counselor
     Energy Therapist      Animal Communicator

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