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Testimonials . . .

The following Testimonials are from over 4,000 received so far. They come in as beautiful "Thank You" greeting cards, Voice Mail messages, handwritten notes, typed letters, or emails. They cover issues for animals, people, and situations, where Elizabeth's help has been asked for, with sometimes truly miraculous results.
When "Team" or "your group" are mentioned, the reference is to the Angel Wonder-Powers Team, a world-wide group of volunteer healers facilitated by Elizabeth since 1998.
If you have a Testimonial you'd like to share, send it to us!

Elizabeth's Teachers Acknowledge Her
Clients Acknowledge Elizabeth:
As a Spiritual Mentor, Empower-er, and Guide
As a Healer
As a Workshop Facilitator
On her Reiki Book
On her "Mind Energetics" Yoga Class

Weather, Barking Dogs, New Jobs, and much more

Working as a Veterinary Intuitive and with Veterinarians
Helping with Terminal Ill Pets' Feelings and Choices Around Death and Euthanasia
Resolving Behavior Issues
Calling Lost Animals Home
Healing Pets

Helping Reincarnated Animals and Their Persons Find Each Other Again


Elizabeth's teachers acknowledge her contributions:

"Blessings, Dear Priestess, your presence was such a sweet well of wisdom, peace, and joy on our journey to the Bali Paradise."
-Joan Borysenko, Best-Selling Author, Therapist, and Workshop Leader

"Elizabeth's archetypes are Healer and Teacher."
-Caroline Myss, Ph.D, Medical Intuitive & Best-Selling Author

"Elizabeth's power is her peace."
-Ron Roth, Spiritual Healer, LaSalle, Illinois

"Elizabeth brings the Light. . . She is a Healer."
-Saint Rosita, A Living Saint, Mexico City, Mexico

"Elizabeth has a Yiddishe Neshama. She is one of the most spiritually powerful women in the world. Her openness with Creator continues to grow unbounded."
-Rabbi Yosef Serebryanski, Crown Heights, Brooklyn

"I wanted to thank you for one of the comments you made for Joan S., which they actually mentioned in her eulogy. They said that when she had mentioned to you, something about wanting to go home, you explained to her that she was home, that here on earth is part of the Universe. I used that with someone else who was struggling with a really life-threatening illness and it was very helpful for them. So I just wanted to acknowledge that and thank you for that."
-Elsie Kerns, Elizabeth's Reiki Master, Medford, NJ

General thanks to Elizabeth as a Spiritual Mentor, Empower-er and Guide:

"Every day I am struck by the miracle of our relationship. I marvel at the fact that when I felt so lost and so alone, God sent you to me. I have been truly blessed . . . By your words, by your love, by your incredible healing energy. I know that you do know how much I appreciate all you have done for me and how far I have come, but it feels very necessary for me to tell you. Life sounds so much easier with you as my interpreter and my guide! You have a very special gift and a very special way of helping me grow and helping me to see life and lessons in a gentle, caring way."
-Phyllis Beidler, Ambler, PA

"My heart is very grateful and filled with love and respect for the work that you do. I really do appreciate all the help you gave me, that was very helpful and very powerful."
Dave Bause, Pottstown, PA

"I just wanted to thank you again for that sesion and all of it's unexpected gifts." Julie T., Washington D.C.

"Thank you for your generous responses to my dog, my husband, and my physical and spiritual needs during the last decade. You are truly deeply committed to those who call upon you. I will light a candle at this moment to honor your important role and our gratefulness for having experienced you." Barbara F.-C., New Jersey

"I will tell anyone to use you to connect. I found it wonderful.
It was such a gift, healing, peaceful. Most of all I felt very blessed to have you do it. The animals seem to know you and are very open with you, too."

-Joyce H., Monroe Township, NJ

"Thank you once again for facilitating my work. I really appreciate it, especially your energy and your compassion. I'm really catching glimpses now of seeing the world as spiritual energy. I'm very grateful. Thank you so much!"
-Theo Primas, Cherry Hill, NJ

"I am most impressed, Elizabeth, by your paradigm of oneness. Such a loving message is one from which our earth could so benefit."
-Jerry Simotas, Philadelphia, PA

"Thank you again for giving with so much love and selflessness. I feel completely transported by the experience of our conversation and stunned that this is actually happening -- namely, that all this light is now coming into my life. I am so very, very grateful to you and Hashem."
-Shelli Berger, New York, NY

"I'm sending you a little hug .. . do you feel it? I know you do! Thank you, thank you, thank you . . . I'm sure you know I made a major break-through in truth after talking with you last night. Of course there's a lot more to go, but we're going forward. I want to thank you, God, the Universe, Angels, every"one" .. .You're a real blessing!"
--Mary Jo Cervantes, Point Reyes, California

"I just want to thank you for your sensitivity and perceptions. I appreciate being with you. Thank you. I love you."
--Laura Kruse, Cherry Hill, NJ

"My husband John has been in the hospital for a month diagnosed with a serious liver infection. I have visited him every day and made the trip into the city joyfully and energy filled. I compare it to having another half job and am amazed that it has been so easy. I am awed by the potential in all of us. Liz, because of you, I have learned how to keep my energy and spirits at a high level while helping him endure a lot of pain. I was and am still able to encourage and uplift his spirits and have him joyfully anticipating the future. It works wonders. And of course his roommates benefit from the energy also. So I just wanted to thank you."
--Sally O'Connor, Warminster, PA

"I am really enjoying your tape. I love being in the work through you. It's just great. . . It's just great! The last couple of days I've done the work on myself on a few different things because you stimulated me to do it with the tape! It's amazing that we think we're in the work, and then we realize we're not. You're a beautiful person! Thank you again!"
--Myles Birrittella, Westchester, NY

"Thank you for helping me with my Dad last night. That was amazing! Thank you for helping to set both of us free. This is a priceless gift."
--Lisa Anderson, Cherry Hill, NJ

"I really enjoyed meeting you and being around you -- I'm sure you've been told thousands of times that you are a ray of sunshine. It's truly wonderful to be around such happiness."
--Deb Watson,Nashville, TE

"I can't help but think how kind you were to me during my father's terminal illness and how deeply I appreciated it. My thoughts turn to you often and I send you love and light."

"My background is not deeply religious. When it comes to using words like grace, blessings, and love, I feel awkward and a little counterfeit, even as I try to understand and accept these concepts and become a more spiritual, better balanced person. Your explanation of the blessings of the spirit was greatly appreciated and I've read it several times -- and expect to keep it until it is written into my soul. You must be a very special person to have been honored by Santa Rosita and the spirit coming through her, and I feel honored by your sharing this with me."

"All in all I still feel positive about myself and can't thank you enough for all the work you have done with me."
--"Scotty", United Kingdom

"Thank you so much for all the love and support you've given us through this time. We appreciate all you've done and taught us. You mean so much to us."
--Renee and Joe Antrilli, Oaklyn, NJ

"I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am to you -- and the Universe -- for meeting you and for the opportunity to experience the powerful changes that have resulted from my "experiencing" the Reiki II attunements through you. Since my Reiki I initiations with {someone else} did not cause me to feel such a profound inner change, I believe that a large share of the credit is due you and the healing energy you radiate. I really feel changed -- and changing. It's as if I"m gathering energy and getting stronger every day."
--Mary R., Clementon, NJ

"You bring to mind Helen Keller's quotation, 'Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.' You're not afraid to take risks and live life on the edge. You are an inspiration to me and a Great Goddess and Light Worker for Mother Earth."
--Meryl James, Princeton, NJ

"You have taken so much time for me and you have given so much energy to my growth that I cannot say enough words to thank you. My life has changed and continues to change in a positive way. Please know that I feel deep gratitude for all you have done so far.. . It means more than I can say to me."
--Sandy Withers, Westmont, NJ

"Thank you for the special Light you share with me. The following quote seems especially appropriate: "People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out. But when the sun goes down, they only glow if there is a light inside." You GLOW, girl!"
--Laura K., CherryHill, NJ

"Thanks for being you. And for providing me with the tools to tap into my strengths and for opening my mind, heart, and soul to the truth of my identity as a creative and powerful being. You have brought me a long, long, long way in such a short time. For this I am so grateful! I have trust in the oneness and I trust the one life, one mind, one power, one presence to manifest to its fullest potential and fulfill every desire in my heart. I am so grateful for this knowledge of this truth as it unfolds before me. I can't begin to put my gratitude into sound or words for all you have taught me. What a gift you have and I'm grateful! All my love!"
--Beth B., Haddonfield, NJ

"I have to tell you the story that I'm now thinking about you 100 times a weekend. You know I'm a fanatical golfer, and I have this new thing about getting rid of my negative energy and bringing positive energy into my body when I'm ready to swing and hit a ball, hopefully down the middle. And the thing I've thought about that works, is, I think about you. I stand up there to hit a golf shot, and I clear my body of negative energy, and I think about Liz, and my body is now filled with positive energy, and I just thought I'd share that with you. And I just had to call my dear friend, Liz Severino, and tell her."
--Harry Fiocchi, Sea Isle City, NJ

"I called to thank you, I'm doing much better, I know you're holding a resonance for me to keep moving and 'just do it' and have positive energy. I feel it and it's really helping me and I really appreciate it. Thank you so much, and God Bless You, too!"
--Jody G., Lindenwold, NJ

"I just had to tell you, I walked into the house just a few minutes ago, and as I got out of the car and came into the house, I felt a lightness of feeling good, and I even found myself whistling. I don't know why, because I have yet to put it into practice, anything that we talked about, but I feel this optimism for the first time in a long time."
--Rachelle W., New Rochelle, NY

"I just called to thank you very much for the help you sent me today. I received it loud and clear."
--Carol P., Cherry Hill, NJ

"I'm just calling because tomorrow is my birthday, and even though I know I'm not speaking to you directly, I wanted to connect with you because I'm going to be doing a ritual and I'm asking for some very powerful energies to come through. I want to do something very symbolic tonight. I just wanted to hear your voice. And to send you my love. Thanks for all the help that you've given me and for your friendship."
--Dianne S., NY, NY

"You were right, I did need some energy. And you're exactly what I needed. Just that one phone call. It's about 6:30 p.m. now and it's Wednesday and I'm still at work and I'm full of energy. Just full of energy! Whatever you did, you did it right! I knew I could count on you. I love you! Thank you so much!"
--Sally O., Warminster, PA

"Beth and I decided to send you healing energy. Wow! I think I got back more than you got!!! (I was nice and light-headed). Love you!!
-- Laura K., Cherry Hill, NJ

"You are certainly having a healing effect on me."
--Claudia C., Glassboro, NJ

"Calmer now, much less frightened. I feel limitless. After being in your session, I feel the potential of the miraculous! Thank you, Liz, for everything!"
--Dianne S., Omaha, NE

"Right after we got finished with {sending healing energy to} David, Richard came back into the IM. He asked about our sessions. I told him we sent healing to his dad and that you don't have to be Reiki. He said maybe he should join us when he can! How exciting, huh? To me, that's a miracle!"
--Lisa A., Cherry Hill, NJ

A man who had feared and experienced almost paralyzing anxiety around dental office visits for decades, after one visit with Elizabeth:

"My dentist appointment was fan-tas-tic! In-credible! I would never have believed it was possible. It went so well, so smoothly, thank you so much for all your help. I am so excited, it's like Christmas morning! It went so well! No uneasiness, you know, like it always was in the past, thank you so much! And God Bless!"
--Dave B., Pottstown, PA

A woman who wanted to understand the spiritual issues she is working this life-time, including her Unit of Grace (or "charism"):

"I called to thank you so much. Yesterday, when we were together, I didn't quite understand everything you were saying, but this morning I read over my notes, and I was really open, and I was copying over my notes, and I was remembering things, and I got it, I got it {her charism}, it's amazing, when you get it, it's so awesome, like you said, everything, my whole life, makes so much sense to me, it's amazing, this huge door opened up my whole life and I'm so excited. It is so cool, so awesome, my whole life makes sense, it's the merger of my Mom's and Dad's energy, just like you said. And it has both a positive and a negative, energetically, just like you said. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, I am so excited!"
--Bonnie H., Haddonfield, NJ

A woman who was experiencing stress over a situation with a tenant:

"My conversation with my tenant went very well. I could never have had that conversation had I not first worked through it with you. And I appreciate it so very, very much."
--Phyllis B., Ambler, PA

A doctor who had been recently bereaved:

"I want to thank you again for our session. I found it extremely helpful on many levels. Thank you."
--Dr. Gabe R., Willingboro, NJ

"Words cannot express my appreciation for your enlightenment and love. I have been blessed by your presents in my life (both definitions)."
--Janice G., Medford, NJ

Physical Healings of People, through Elizabeth:

"My dad is so much better now than he was when he went into the retirement home 5 years ago. Everyone thought he would be declining and he's improving! I know it's your healing work that's making the difference!"
Jane Y., Yardley, PA

"I have wonderful news since our meeting. I am out of the cast, I am pain-free, I am walking normally, and I even got back on the tennis court. I know you're not surprised to hear that, but the few words that you spoke to me that day did wonders. I know you'll rejoice with me. God Bless!"
--Carol P., Cherry Hill, NJ

"Many, many thanks for healing thoughts and prayers during my recent surgery. The surgeon performed a hysterectomy for 2 big fibroids and a very enlarged uterus. The fibrois were the size of a baseball and my uterus was twice its size, plus I had fallopian tube cysts that nobody knew about. I was discharged to home the next day and now, almost 3 weeks post surgery, I feel great and am about back to normal! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind of the power and your prayers and good intentions!"
Leslie H., PA

"As a result of the many surgeries to improve my vision I have 20/20 day vision -- but driving at night has been very difficult (confusing due to all the lights). Friday night I was over halfway home when I realized that the lights weren't bothering me at all and I could see perfectly fine! Thanks!!!
--Alice B., Sicklerville, NJ

"Since you prayed for my mother, her interstitial cystitis (severe bladder disorder) has gone away. She went in for a second opinion for interstitial cystitis. She had been through numerous painful office procedures, 2 terribly painful surgeries, and was facing a 3rd, very risky surgery. The doctor was adamant that only surgery could help her and became enraged when she said she would seek a second opinion. This is when we contacted you and asked you to pray for her. The second doctor later did a cystoscope, used a fiber-optic light, and found no evidence of the interstitial cystitis -- no lesions, stones, ulcers, etc., that had been inside my Mom's bladder!!! She is now completely free of the interstitial cystitis!!! I'd like to thank you personally. "
--Deborah B., Onalaska, TX

"Lizi, you are amazing, there's no other words to describe you, you're just amazing. Oh, wow! Night and day difference between when I called you in the middle of the night last night and today. {My father} is in really good spirits, and he ate a whole meal, which is, like, wow, because he just doesn't eat, and he had such an appetite, and he said, "Hospital food is really great," and I said, "Right." He's really, really good. I don't know what else to say. Thank you so much!"
--Suzy C., Stratford, NJ

"I want to thank you for the healing you sent to me last summer when I had cancer. I know you helped me."
--Karen L.

"My arthritis is better . . . which in and of itself is a miracle!"
--Shelli B., New York, NY

"I visited my sister-in-law G. in Connecticut last week-end. She is doing better and resonding more positively to her radiation and chemo treatments than her Drs. thought she could. Many thanks for your work and continued interest in us ALL."

"I must tell you it's really amazing how prayers are answered when my loved ones and I are on your list :)!!! When you started praying for my sister-in-law, C., in Harrisburg, her diagnosis was cancerous ovarian cysts. You continued to pray for her over our painful, frightened weeks. And the diagnosis became cysts with a possibility of cancer. And then it became 90% probability of benign with only a 10% chance of malignancy. Surgery was still recommended. And my brother just called (it's 4 PM my time) to say that my sister-in-law's surgery went very well and that there was no sign of any cancerous growth anywhere. She might even be discharged as soon as Thursday! There's no doubt in our minds that your good intentions are powerful and healing. Thank you very much!"
--Leslie H., Pittsburgh, PA

"Thanks very much for all your help. I can see the difference in my legs already. BLESSINGS!"

"Thank you greatly for the help and all the positive energy. I am starting to think outside of my mind for the first time!
--Brant H., Paraside, PA

Elizabeth worked extensively with a small hospitalized child, now home . . .

Elizabeth sent prayer energy when it was deemed certain that the child had been contaminated with a life-threatening infection. The father left a subsequent message:

"I have very good news. Even though no one expected it, the second culture came back clean. She is now doing very well. Thank God! We're moving towards returning her to a routine so we can discharge her. Elizabeth, thanks so much for all your help during this time. I give you the credit for what you've accomplished in this. Thank you."

Elizabeth sent more prayer energy to stop the hospital from giving the child a medicine required by law for an outbreak of lower respiratory infection. In sensing the child, the child's body said it would have an allergic reaction to the medicine and die. The hospital said it would not by-pass innoculating the child under any circumstances. The "only" recourse to the parents seemed to be to take the child out of the hospital which they felt they couldn't do because of the extreme risk. . . :

"Elizabeth, I know you'll believe this but I'm just getting used to this, I can barely believe it. They started innoculating the children at the opposite end of the hospital, which meant that our Sweetie's room would be the last room of children to be innoculated. And when they got to her room, they started at the opposite end. She would have been the last child to be innoculated! Elizabeth, they ran out of the serum after they finished the child right before her! And they don't have the money to get any more medicine! I don't know how you did it, but thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

The panicked father called one Sunday; the child was failing quickly with no apparent reason why. Elizabeth sensed the failing child, and what was revealed, was that the child had a leakage and blockage in her armpit that needed to be handled medically, immediately. No one on the then available medical staff would pay attention, since everyone there at that time said it was impossible. . .So on the telephone, she and the father set up powerful energies to manifest qualified, concerned help instantly. A few hours later, Elizabeth received the following Voice Mail message:

"I called to give you an uncanny kind of message. The energy we sent out came right back. Dr. P just by chance walked into the unit. When he went over to her, he found that her lung line that he put in, was clogged and probably fluid was developing under the skin in that third space, because of the clogging of that line, which goes along with what you were reporting to me about some internal leakage. That line was right in her armpit, which is the area where you said you were feeling it. What's really amazing is that Dr. P. was off today, and was on his way driving to a personal appointment, and he suddenly found himself taking a wrong turn and then driving to the hospital and walking into T.'s room. He said he was almost like in a trance, yet it felt completely correct to him somehow. He didn't know why. Until he got here and examined her. He knows Hashem's Hand when he feels it! And so do I! Thank you, thank you, thank you."
--Ira H., Hillside, NJ

* * *

"I have wonderful news about my dear friend, Jodie. She and her doctors found a huge lump in her breast, and due to her history of cancer, they got her in within 10 days for an ultrasound and a mammograph. In the meantime, many were praying and holding ceremony for her, including your group, and when she went for the mammograph this lump was completely gone .. . no trace! The doctors are totally stumped!!! Thought you'd want to know."
--Laura R., Puyallup, WA

"I wanted to thank you for the healing on Thursday for the arthritis in my right knee. Over night, Thursday, about 4am, something moved in my knee. I think something was out of alignment in my knee and it fixed itself. Since then it's been much better. I am walking without my cane. It does still hurt on occasion, but not like before."
--Mary Pat G., Philadelphia, PA

"I want to give you my warmest thanks for your help in healing my mother. She is well on the road to recovery."
--Paco, Brooklyn, NY

On the impact of workshops Elizabeth has facilitated:

"Liz Severino! This is Janice C.! I just wanted to tell you that last night at the workshop, you gave me such a wonderful tool with that, 'Once I worked a mainstream job.' Even when you were saying it, I was connecting it to something else, to relationships. It's so freeing! And as soon as I did it, you know, how when it's authentic, and real, you breathe so deep, all the way down, that's what happened! And it released so much energy for me! It just changed my point of view! The relationship is over, it was over a long time ago, 'Once I was married to him.' And if anything should happen later, it'll be a whole brand new thing! So, thank you, God Bless You! I really appreciate that tool!"
--Janice C., Medford Lakes, NJ

"I met you at the workshop. Do you remember me? I will remember you forever. I called because I was thinking of you and I just wanted to thank you again. I feel there's no turning back, I don't feel like the whole thing disappeared when I left the workshop, I feel truly changed, strengthened, so 'on-a-new-path' forever. You are truly inspirational and very much a part of the effectiveness of that training and the clarity that remains. I truly, truly, truly wanted to just say, 'Thank you.' Because you were so instrumental in the experience that I had. You're a beautiful person and thank you!"
--Charyl O., Westhampton, NY

"Personally I want to thank you for your thought-provoking program last Thursday evening. As I glanced at faces about the room, it was simple to see the absorption the audience was making of your truths involved in animal communication. There was entertainment, too, as you worked through the evening. And not just our members, but the animals obviously had a good time. Truly, you are a gifted and special person in our midst. Thank you again, Elizabeth."
--Bob Cassel, Gloucester County Nature Club

"Both my wife, Esther, and I were totally absorbed by your excellent presentation last night at the Gloucester County Nature Club. You have an amazing gift which you are using with great compassion for "humans" as well as animals."
--Mike and Esther C., Sewell, NJ

"Elizabeth was informative, intelligent, and mesmerizing! She was energy personified! I have already recommended this course to friends."
--Terri L., Cherry Hill, NJ

"Elizabeth brought her dynamic up-lifting personality and knowledge to this class. She was always well informed and it was an honor and priviledge to be in her class."
--Joan D'A., Cherry Hill, NJ

"This was a wonderful course and instructor, done with much love and caring, explained in loving terms. I feel alive and vital. Elizabeth, thank you for sharing God's blessings and your special gifts with all of us."
-- Anne V., Cherry Hill, NJ

From a woman who sponsored Elizabeth in a Healing Workshop in New York City:

"I got raving reviews from different people who attended the workshop I sponsored, who said how much they enjoyed it and enjoyed you. One of the messages was so long it went on and on in superlatives. "
--Francesca Martell, Brooklyn, NY

On Sending Energy to Heal Situations:

"After we spoke, you know, the conversation where I told you what I needed, I received several phone calls 'out of the blue' offering me furniture and they ended up completely furnishing my new apartment! I can hardly believe it, except I know to believe it because I've seen you do things like this for others so many times. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I love you!"
--Lee W., Philadelphia, PA

"It's amazing! You're amazing! Miracles are already happening. Hurray!"
--Jenny L., Philadelphia, PA

An area of Florida was experiencing a very severe drought, and an internet friend of Elizabeth's contacted her and begged for her for help for her severely impacted farm and farm animals. . .

"You did it! IT RAINED . . . It wasn't even reported to rain . . .I called my neighor and said, IT'S RAINING . . . The weather man said, No Rain! I was grabbing my flowers and putting them outside, yelling like a nut . . . Thank you, Grandfather! There was nothing on the radar . . .I got online . . .the doppler showed zip . . .no clouds. It even surprised the trees! They didn't have time to turn their leaves! The ducks were playing, the horses were rolling in the field! What a site!!!! Incredible!!! How did you do it? There are no words to thank you. You are one amazing lady. Blessings, Love and Light!"
--Deborah D., Florida

Healing for a Neighbor's Barking Dogs. . .

"A few incredible things have happened and I wanted to share them with you. I'm the one that contacted you and asked for healing for some dogs and some friends of mine out in CA. The dogs belong to my friend's neighbor who seems very irresponsible. These dogs were not properly cared for and barked incessantly which was nearly driving my poor friends crazy. They had tried approaching the people, tried contacting authorities, to no avail. They e-mailed me today, apologizing for the delay, and stated that the dogs have suddenly quieted down and not been a nuisance."

A gentleman who asked for guidance and help regarding a new job:

"Thank you. I'd like to tell you of two things that have happend this week. For the past year I have been training as a co-facilitator for a living without violence programme for men (outside my normal daily working hours), tonight I had my interview with the accreditation panel and passed with flying colours. On Wednesday I had an interview for a job located in the small country town we have recently moved to . . .pay rates are lower there, and {when they offered me the rate I wanted}, I had my sign, Elizabeth!! . .. I'll let you know the outcome. Thanks again for adding my name to the list for healing. I feel that it's already happening! I send you love, light, and Reiki blessings."

and a day later:

"I wanted to let you know that today I went for the second interview for the job and was offered it -- needless to say I have accepted it and will start on 13 March as I need to give 4 weeks notice at my present job. Exciting stuff!!!"
--"Janndene", United Kingdom

On the impact of Elizabeth's book on Reiki:

"How will I ever be able to thank you enough! In a period of less than a month, following the steps outlined in your book, the sciatica nerve pains are gone. What a pleasant relief! Now of course every one I talk to I mention how satisfying it is to use one's own hands and effect healing."
--Lon G., Hope Mills, North Carolina

On Elizabeth's "Mind Energetics" Yoga Class

Note: Elizabeth currently facilitates an extraordinary weekly Yoga Class via Mind-Energetic Transfer. Students in the class go about their normal day, wherever they are in the world.

"I was very much aware of <the class> while it was going on.It helped my back recover much more quickly than it might have."

Jane Y., Yardley, PA

"Yes, I did feel something on class day. That morning I panted pachysandra and I wasn't balanced. But I woke up today and felt just fine. I knew it was the class that made the difference.."
Karen M., NJ

Animal Friends:

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
--Mahatma Gandhi

"It is now going into the fifth month since his diagnosis. They gave him 6 weeks tops w/o their treatment, which as you know we didn't do because we called you, we're doing the program you and I worked out together, and we're doing great. THANK YOU ..."
-- Tina Z.

"Angel seems more relaxed. A session with you makes a world of difference! We are so grateful for your presence in our lives!"
-- Fain Z

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support and your prayers. Your book has been my Bible lately. Thank you for that. I've passed your book around so much, it's ironic that I needed it myself this time."
- Sharon D.

Helping with health issues and working with veterinarians:

"On March 27th, 2000, I was able to confirm that Tabatha Cornell was suffering from chemical allergies. I was told this information by Tabatha's owner, Karen Cornell, as reported to her by Elizabeth Severino. I took a hair sample from Tabatha, to verify this information, and prescribed two remedies to counter the allergic reaction."
-- Dr. Deva Khalsa, Yardley, PA

"Tabatha Cornell had been "drooling" for days, and had received several treatments of subcutaneous fluids, prior to her visit with Dr. Khalsa. I notified Liz, that I was taking Tabatha to see Dr. Khalsa for an emergency visit. While I was on route to Dr. Khalsa's, Liz called me on my car phone, and before I could finish saying hello, told me Tabatha said that the chemicals in my neighbors' lawns were making her sick. I told Dr. Khalsa what Tabatha told Liz and Dr. Khalsa took a hair sample from Tabatha and sent her home with two remedies to help her detox. Within a few days, Tabatha's drooling stopped."
-- Karen Cornell, Washington Twp., NJ

"Elizabeth came to our veterinary hospital and prayed for one of our cats. We needed the cat's hemoglobin level to go up. It did. We have the test results, before and after, to prove it."
-- Dr. Bernie Spector, Woodbury Heights, NJ

"I had meant to tell you, Liz, that Dr. Priscilla Dressen flew in from Colorado to speak about hedgehogs at the convention and she agreed to meet with us to examine Tommy. She took him into her hands and after awhile she said that she had examined many hedgies with this problem but that Tommy had other things going on as well that were emotionally based. I cannot remember her exact words but they were not unlike your own way back when you first got to know Tommy. It just blew me away."
--"Sshalimar", Puyallup, WA

"I thought I would update you on Schemer's foal, the filly born with the windswept back legs. I recently traveled to Pincher Creek and saw my mare's baby. My friend that keeps them said she wishes she would have taken a picture of the baby so that I could have seen the incredible improvement. The baby's hips have evened out and the left leg is quite straight. The right leg still could straighten and strengthen at the pastern (above hoof). The chiropractor still comes out but less often. This baby has come a long way!! Thank you for your sensings of what our baby needed and for all your healing. I don't believe this baby could of come this far without your help."

"Thanks for putting my cat Katie in your last online healing session. In addition, I've given her a Reiki treatment everyday since I was attuned when she was so ill. She is much better and our local vet saw her with the x-rays done at C., and he doesn't think there's a tumor any more in her lungs. She is still not completely well, but the improvement is remarkable. She comes to me every morning for her Reiki treatment as if she knows exactly what it is and that it is helping her. Thanks for including my little darling in your session."

"I don't know if you will remember, but I was on your chat last Thursday night with the dachshunds, the one where another lady came on in Iowa with a dachshund that was paralyzed. I've been working with her as to what supplements to get and giving her moral support, but I am not able to do distance healing. Clyde (the dachshund) is now up on all fours. He is wobbly, but walking. It is amazing that we both turned up on your chat line on Thursday night .. .Or is it????"

"Liz is a modern-day Dr. Doolittle."
--The Courier Post

"Ezri healed by the exact date and time you said he would."
--Leslie McD., Erdenheim, PA

"Thank you for communicating with Albert. I'm a little less worried now that he and our vet seem to be saying similar things.
--Mary F., Highland Park, NJ

"My furbabies love you and gravitate to towards the phone whenever you call me or when you're on-line."

Suzy B.

Elizabeth sensed Jeanne's dog Maxi, whose vet had said that surgery was an absolute necessity to handle large bleeding tumors on Maxi's jaw. Maxi disagreed and was quite specific about what he felt he needed to heal. Jeanne enthusiastically embarked on the program Maxi asked for and:

"Just a note to let you know, Maxi's growth on his face is now flesh colored, instead of bloody, and it's nice and flat, not huge and swollen! He is indeed drinking more water and eating maybe 3 bites of food. He definitely has a method! I'm so pleased that he won't have to be operated on!! I have to thank you because when I spoke to you {on the telephone}, you not only eased my mind but you did Maxi's also. If you could have seen how mesmerized he was staring into space when you were talking to him! It would make anyone a believer!"
--Jeanne B., North Brunswick, NJ

"When my husband and I lost our beloved dog, Trouvee, the personal exchange I had with you, as well as the information available on your website, helped me to work through the sadness and put the loss in perspective. I will always be grateful for the compassion and empathy you extended me during that time. Of everyone I spoke to, your words resonated with genuine understanding. It was a true comfort."
-Joanne Capritti, Haddonfield, NJ

"I forgot to thank you for sending healing to Rose, my mother-in-law, and Sugar. Thanks so much! Sugar is doing just great these days and Rose has improved MUCH!!!"
--Adrien, Vancouver, B.C.

"I have some very good news. Remember how I told you that T. hasn't really walked in his maze for about a month? He had weakened considerably and his front legs kept crossing one another. Well, this morning {after the healing session last night}, I put him into his maze, as usual, and would you believe he nearly ran around that thing 8 times!!!! I held a mealworm in front of him as a teaser, like I had been doing all month, trying to entice him, and for some unexplained reason he just decided he was up for the challenge this time . I was crying my head off and bellowing for Randy to come watch . . . she ran out thinking something horrible had happened until she saw what I was looking at. I'll tell you what, I practically did jumping jacks! :)"
--Laura, Puyallup, WA

"Fred is on the mend . . . The vet can still sense a heart murmer and suspects he is carrying fluid around the heart. I don't know what that means for him, but I know that he is feeling on top of the world!! He is as content as ever! I feel he is over the worst now and will be with us for a while yet. Thank you so much . . .your love radiates through him to all of us! Many thanks again!! "

Elizabeth went to Houston to pray for a 12-year old dog experiencing tumors deeply embedded in the muscles along the spine, crippling arthritis, and thyroid problems. Immediately, the dog started jumping around like a puppy. Weeks later, the tumors emerged from his skin, attached by mere threads. And:

"Remi had his surgery, Liz, and all the tumors were benign, and his thyroid, which the vet had thought was low, is okay. He is A-Okay!!! Thank you SO much!!!"
--Debbie W., Houston, TX

"I know I shouldn't be surprised but the difference in Khana is amazing. Her coat is the best it has ever looked and everyone has commented on the change in her. Her joints are still not perfect but we are making sure she does not over do things when out for walks and even the stiffness has greatly improved. Khana is the happiest I have ever sen her, much more tolerant of outsiders and playful with other dogs now, too. Thank you so much . . .again! And Khana sends her appreciation, too."
--Debbie, United Kingdom

"Many thanks and blessings to you and the network. Our dearest Thor cat is eating and drinking again after not doing so at all for nearly three weeks. He's playing again and seems almost back to his old self (minus many pounds). Our Betsy continues to eat, much to the confusion of our Vet. Please keep up this wonderful healing energy for both of them."

"We'd like to thank you for your insight, time, and caring in helping us through Chester's seizure. You have been instrumental in our relationship and in helping us deal with so many issues that never would have been known to us without your teaching and guidance. Thank you again for being a Guardian Angel to both of us!"
--Sondra Y., Horsham, PA

"She was wonderful reading our pet. Absolutely understanding."
--Dr. Vincent Sollimo, Chemistry Professor

"I brought my bird to Liz, and she seemed to really understand him."
--Debbie Green, Animal Orphanage Volunteer

"Thank you so much for the time you spent with us. We are following up on all your tips and advice. It's wonderful of you to share yourself so generously each year at the WoofFest. Fred and Barney haven't stopped talking about you!!!"
--Mario and Renee Pinardo, Cherry Hill, NJ

"I had contacted you about my Boxer, Buddy. Since you did a reading for me of his energy and got the answer to some questions, he's been a different dog. The information you shared with me really helped to make him a calmer animal. We're still working on his fear issues with meeting other dogs and sometimes strangers, but he's come a long way. I appreciate your sharing of your gifts. Thank you for sending healing energy!!!
--Judy Bechtel

"I cut the article that Sally Friedman had done about you in the Burlington County Times and gave it to Don Tollefson. He was happy to get it -- especially since he survived a plane skid-landing in Los Angeles on that Sunday and was still shaken up. The memory of you linking his beloved dog with him in human words was very important to him."
--Liz Matt, Good Day Philadelphia

"Just a quick note to tell you how great it was to have you speak with MacGregor on Sunday. You answered questions we have had for the year that he has been with us. I am sure that your talk will benefit us for many years to come. Thanks again for your help."
--Madaline Perry, Willliamstown, NJ

"Maggie is doing much bettter since your visit. She has had few snarls towards Steven and we keep working on our messages to her. She appears to be happier overall."
--Lauri P., Medford, NJ

Helping people with pets experiencing terminal illness or the possibility of or request for euthanasia:

"I don't know if you recall, but we called a couple of weeks ago regarding our dog, Libby. I thought you might find it very interesting that you called and left a {prayer} message at 11:59 a.m. That is the precise moment that we put Libby to sleep. We were at the vet's office at that moment, he was euthanizing her and giving her the sodium pentathol for the injection, right at that moment, putting her to sleep. We think it's significant. We wanted you to know."
--Roger and Gloria Phillips, Philadelphia, PA

"Thank you so much for all your help. I don't think I would have been able to get through this loss and maintain my 'balance' if not for your guidance."
--Steph Z.

"Alf's gone. He died in my arms here at home this morning 6/2/00 (peacefully) at about 1:30-2:00 a.m. Nick was there with us too. I was grateful that he could be here with us so that he would know how incredibly much we loved him and much we did not want or choose to abandon him in a hospital. Our Woodbury Heights vet had agreed to let him come home with me last nite (6/1) at about 8:30 p.m. He seemd to just "let go" after he got home . . . kind of went into a deep sleep in the bed, etc. Thanks for your love, support, and prayers. I prayed at the end that I could hold him in my arms . . . and God gave us that much."
--Linda W., Somerdale, NJ

Resolving behavior issues via telephone:

"I just got back from the cat show and I would like you to know that Forrest was best in show. I'm just thrilled, I thank you so much for your help, I learned a lot from you, and I did everything just the way you told me, and he was best in show! He was perfect! And so was I! I can't thank you enough! Thank you for your help, we could not have done it without you!"
--Cat K., Stephenson, MD

Resolving behavior issues in person:

"I am totally impressed and overwhelmed with good feelings about our get-together last night. I've practised a few things on my dog and gotten some positive responses. Thank you so much!"
--Andrea W., Cherry Hill, NJ

"My horse, who's 20 years old, threw me. I had a concussion, a broken back, and a scalp laceration and was in the hospital for six weeks. People told me to put him down. I love my horse. I was desperate. I called Liz. She came to my stable, talked to him, massaged him to balance his energy. In a few minutes, he trusted her. He stood very still, I've never seen him stand so still, as Liz worked with him. He hasn't thrown me anymore. He needed me to stop being afraid of being thrown and to stop visualizing being thrown. Liz taught me how."
--Nancy Kennedy, Equestrienne

On setting up "honing energies" to call {lost} animals home, or locating lost animals:

"After we called you, everything turned around. And it turned around FAST. There were no sightings before, and then we called you, and you were so kind, and after we called you, it all turned around. At such speed! The first sightings were of him running away from us, towards the north! When we called you about that, and you prayed and set an energy for him to turn around, he did! He turned around! He was coming home when we found him! Back across a dangerous road! Safely! I can hardly believe it! Thank you so much!"
--Jane G., Princeton Junction, NJ

"Elizabeth, this is Lynn G. Thank you so much! Within two minutes of our conversation, she {her cat} appeared at the door that you energized! Thank you so much! I can't really express my gratitude! Thank you!"
--Lynn G., Cherry Hill, NJ

"Hi, this is Joanne calling, from Washington, D.C. I don't know whether you can hear him or not, but our kitten is sitting on my chest purring right now. He was where you said he was, and we got him. He did come up and get the food we put there, like you said he would. Gabriel did a great job, and the other cats have just been so wonderful, I can't begin to describe how they've been. We are very grateful."
--Joanne M., Washington, D.C.

"I am pleased to let you know that I have found Mousse!!! Thank you very much for your support!!!!!"

"I don't know if you recall my e-mail to you back in January when I lost my dog Lola. I went to your site and found the number to your prayer line. I called right away and preyed for Lola's safe return. That night Channel 3 called to do a story on her disappearance and the very next day she was returned to us ! She was in Center City Philadelphia for 12 days! She is home and happy and so are we! I wanted to let you know that whenever I see a sign for a missing pet I call the number and tell them my story and give them the number to the prayer line."
-- Cindy R., Sicklerville, NJ

"I spoke to you a couple of weeks ago about a black cat that went astray one night. I wanted to let you know I really appreciate your help in finding him. He showed back up the following morning, right after we talked to you."
- Roy D., Williamstown, NJ

Physical healing of pets, through Elizabeth:

"Elizabeth came to our veterinary hospital and prayed for one of our cats. We needed the cat's hemoglobin level to go up. It did. We have the test results, before and after, to prove it."
-- Dr. Bernie Spector, Woodbury Heights, NJ

Dr. Liz prayed weekly for one month for two kittens, River and Ruby, who had been exposed to feline leukemia. At the end of that time, their person emailed:
"Thought I would share the good news with you. I had River and Ruby retested for feline lukemia today and both of them are fine. Thanks for your prayers.
-- Trish B., New Hope, PA

"Liz positively blissed my dog out. I couldn't believe the change. I am so grateful."
--Joanne Tanker, Cherry Hill, NJ

"I just want to tell you how special it was to have you work on Petunia. She was one blissed-out kitty after your treatment!! I really appreciate all that you did for her. Thank you so much!"
--Helen C., Medford, NJ

"Elizabeth's touch seems to yield nirvana-like results."
-- The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Thank you for your prayers. Amber is "flying" which is the Irish terminology for "in good form and improving."
--Sylvia B., Minhame Bridge, Co. Cork, Ireland

"It was a very interesting time last night. {healing prayer session}. I checked Star this morning and her lump is 1/2 the size it was yesterday. So something happened!"
--Helen B., Vancouver, B.C.

"My feral rabbits were almost carefree this morning {after the healing prayer session}, scampering around and having their little dominance squabbles. I was encouraged that the bobcat will respect this sanctuary. Bisquit, my lame mare, moved a little quicker as well. Your step by step guidance was a big help to me, personally, and I look forward to getting better in understanding and practice as I am exposed to these teachings."

On setting up energies to help re-unite animals who have passed over with their humans who want to be together again:

This section is actually now a book in progress, with many dozens of wonderul stories and pictures. If you'd like to be notified when the book is published and available, email Dr. Liz.

Kantishna's story - Sweden

Tara's story - Brick, New Jersey

Lucky's story - Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Bea's story - Springhouse, PA

Megan's and Cat's story - Stephenson, MD


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